Can 65 Year Old Woman Have 125/80 Bp

Jigi Says:

My grandma is 65 years old and she used to have high bp 150/80 once upon a time. Now it is gradually reduce to 123/80. Is it fine for a 60 year old woman to have 123/80 blood pressure?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, that is a level that is considered to be in normal limits. Is she experiencing some unusual problems, or new symptoms?

While the NIH does explain that it can be normal for seniors to have blood pressure levels that are a little higher than what is considered the standard 120/80, if there's is close to that and they are not experiencing any adverse effects, there is nothing to worry about.

Is she on any medications?

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Kskddspc Says:


Yes yes that is an ideal blood pressure reading. I'm a former pro athlete and never attained such a perfect reading .You have nothing to fear your grand moms pressure is just fine. Hope that eases your mind

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