Calvin Plus And A Clusivol Multivitamins

cel Says:

im 24 year of age having a scoliosis(not that worst. )my first doctor prescribed me a calvin plus and vit. c.So,im taking calvin plus but the vit c was not,i took clusivol multivitamins.I wanna know if it was wrong or might overdose using a multivitamins plus the calvin plus.I think to much calcium and if there was any side effects? I Forgot to ask this to Dr.Mancao a pain specialist coz i also went to his place to let him check my back coz i have a pain at my back and above buttocks.he just gave me a fish oil omega 3 .After i took the 100 capsules,i stopped.Currently just taking calvin plus and clusivol multivitamins.thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Cel! How are you doing?

Yes, though I'm not sure what these contain and the exact amounts, but you could be overdosing on some of the nutrients in them.

Both Vitamin D and Calcium can cause problems if you get too much of them, so can potassium and many of the B vitamins.

Thus, I'd suggest sticking with just one good multivitamin, if your doctor feels you need one.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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cel Says:

thank you, so i just continue my calvin plus its a calcium supplement,but i think i need vit.c and othwr vit like iron.Is it just a vit.c or ill continue fishoil?any good combination with calvin plus?I think not mulrivitamins but only a vit.c ,but how about any vit that i need.

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