C 1 Clonazepam

danny m Says:

They only feel half as strong as they should be. I still shake after taking the 1mg pill twice a day. Is sandoz a better generic? I can get those? I am now taking blue c1 clonazepam that aren't scored and don't work.

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Jim Says:

Hi . I been on klonopin one milligram for 7 months now. I normally get green pills that say teva on them. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday to get my refill and I got the blue klonopin your discribing. Says c1 on em. And they are not right at all. Very weak. And short lasting. My green teeva klonopin lasted 2 to 4 hours varying on how much anxiety I have. These new c1 blue klonopins last about 30 minutes. And it seems like the first ten minutes after taking the pull is just a rush of relaxation. Then the pill fades away drastically. Like I said they last 30 minutes.

I am very upset. I can't take any other anxiety med because they knock me out. I'm hoping there is a solution to this problem. I hope we can get the green teva klonopin back. I'm going to call around. Wall Mart. My doctors. And any higher ups I can find to fix this problem. You can't change a medication that works for millions of people and turn it into crap. Please post your reply. Would Like to get on this topic with Someone else. And others people to. I have a strong feeling we are not alone on this.

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danny m Says:

I don't know in my last post if I said this: I too got the green TV from Walmart, I had no choice but to get them for the second time. I live in New Castle Indiana. I did find the green TV at our local Kroger pharmacy. I could not get them because they wanted to move all of my controlled substances to one pharmacy but since they didn't carry all of them they would not let me change my refills to them. That sucks. I'm like you, those blue c1 Clonazepam are junk. I hope by you calling Walmart that maybe it will do some good. Walmart told me that they took the cheapest ones that they could get. Because of my insurance I couldn't even pay cash for brand name. And also they never carried the brand name. It is really bothering me because I have a lot of anxiety like you. That is not the only brand of blue clonazepam or klonopin that I have tried all of them have been junk. Teva green ones and a green round one with a raised m, are the best to that I have ever taken. I have even thought about talking to my doctor about it. Good luck on finding the ones you are looking for.

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Moe Says:

I feel the same way, the blue ones I need to take like 2 more to feel the effect I have for 1mg of the green tevas. Crazy and not right

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Sandra Says:

Sandoz clonazepam is the very worst poor quality pure garbage. It might as well be counterfeit. You'll need to test which one works best for you. Better yet don't even start if you already did. Try to get off it real fast..

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David Says:

Seems as though a multitude of different drug manufacturers across the board from Sandoz to Actavis, Mallinckrodt etc, have all been under a lot of heat over the past decade or so for producing sub par medication in some of the most widely prescribed drug classifications (namely anxiety, depression & pain meds). Has anyone else noticed this? Like maybe they're trying to wean off humanity as a whole by making weaker medication? That's my conspiracy theory anyway... I hope you all are able to find a brand that works best. It's unfortunate that trial and error is the only way to do this with so many placebos out there.

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Db Says:

Im completely on your side. They suck. They are not the same. they shouldn't switch ppls meds.

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Danny Says:

What if they're doing that just to force people to buy non generic, it could just be the cycle of big pharma trying to make more money. The name brand guys paying the generic companies to make crap so we end up with a bottle of klonopin that costs around $300 if you think about it, it's not really all that far fetched and IMO as long as it's legal they want to sell those pills and as many as possible. I don't think big pharma wants to lose a penny.

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Jerry Says:

The pharmaceuticals companies are just messing with our medications. It's all about them getting rich at our expense.Cheap garbage out there. So devastating.....Seems like we can't win. Not enough people complaining not that it would probably help. God help us! Hope that we can all find the one that works best for us....The FDA let's them get away with it...That's the major problem.

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Favorite Daniel Says:

This is all in your head. The manufacturer does not matter. Clonazepam 1mg is no different than any other clonazepam 1mg weather it be brand name or generic. The active ingredients are exactly the same. I take methadone 90mg, Luvox 50mg, Neurontin 800 3x a day, and quetiapine 400mg at night. I took 2 of these klonopins. Waiting for them to kick in. I took 2mg clonazepam, I have 3 more and May take another if the effects are too subtle. But pharmaceutically the manufacturer and brand name doesn't matter

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Jerry Says:

Favorite Daniel, You are 100% and absolutely totally WRONG! They are ALL different. I guess you are on so many different meds that you wouldn't notice.

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Lin Says:

I'm pregnant and can lose my baby without my clonazepam. I usually take 1 and 1/2 green tevas but I got the c1 blue and light blue E64. I've taken almost 6 today and nothing. This is horrible.

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Mary Says:

Call your doctor explain the situation!!! All clonazepam are NOT the same. You're in my prayers. God Bless you.

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Bebez way Says:

If you're mixing drugs to make a cocktail YOU SHOULD GET HELP!!! There's definitely a difference between the blue and green. The Teva and M'z and generics, but that's my advice for people who truly have anxiety and panic disorder, not someone who's looking to abuse them.

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Kevin Says:

I wanted to research this before thinking I was crazy but apparently I'm not. I know a lot about pharmaceuticals and this blue c1 brand does not work well. I'm calling my dr and pharmacy tomorrow

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Kevin Says:

I agree with you and also believe that the process in which the active ingredient is made or fillers or something play a role in diminished therapeutic value with the blue c1 clonazapam. Do you think the filling pharmacy might offer some sort of help?

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Matty Says:

Re: David (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Your so right c1s are garbage and generics can legally be 20% under potency

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K Says:

Re: Jim (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I don’t think the blues are as strong, nor do they last...

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Hc Says:

What do you mean they don't work? Are you just amuned to them or what's the problem??

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Maya69 Says:

Re: Favorite Daniel (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

My father is a pharmacist and he says YES there are big differences! You don't know what you're talking about. And don't say "it's all in your head" on a forum where people are seeking help and bearing their souls.

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Curious80 Says:

I used to be a pharmacist and everyone is right. There are big differences with many drugs from brands and their gemerits and it is allowed by the FDA. Walmart gets many of its drugs from India and what I am hearing from many is that they are getting sub standard medications. I never cared before where the drugs came from but the corner cutting now makes a large difference and all the pharmacies are loving the cheap bulk prices of these awful drugs. All we can do as patients is complain and complain. Give ourselves a big voice and hope someone anyone listens.

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