Butrans 5mg Patch Vs Hydrocodone 10/325 For Pain

Sharon Says:

Im having an awful time with migraines. No triptans work so I'm on narcotics for chronic pain. Currently taking hydrocodone 10/325 twice a day but its not helping much anymore. Pain mgnmt dr prescribed Butrans 5mg patch. Its not covered by my insurance so I wanted to know if its better for pain than the current hydro I'm on before spending $170 on a mths supply. Any info is appreciated. Tired of this chronic pain!

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Donna Says:

ask your Dr if he can appeal the insurance Co's decision. He might be able to get them to OK it. I take Butrans 15 for severe neck pain. I love the fact the one patch lasts a week and there is no ups and down in the pain relief.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sharon! Sorry about the migraines.

The only way to know if it will help you is by actually trying it. What you might want to do is ask your pharmacy about just picking up one patch to use for a week, before you spend the money on a full month's worth.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Seascout Says:

Ask your doctor for the Butrans savings card. You have to call the phone number on it to register it. After that the first month is free and you get a savings card for $50 off a month after that.

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Sandi T Says:

I got the Butrans patch 10 mg yesterday and had the card. Husband went to drug store with prescription and the card. It still cost us $144. and some cents. It was the copay! They didn't want to give us that even and my husband had to argue with them. Now, my pain doc will have to call my insurance co. and tell them that he has tried all sorts of things on me for my pain, which is mostly from nerve pain in my spine, and we were told that the ins might cover it then. I am fortunate to have Tricare for Life since husband is medically retired from Army.
Also, I read somewhere about hydrocodone for headaches. Nope. It doesnt help my headaches. I get Botox treatments every 3 months for migraines and it has helped me so much! Not to mention it has smoothed out some forehead wrinkles. LOL I can't talk him into putting some around my mouth tho. Just a bit of humor helps pain also.
I hope you find relief soon and God Bless.

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Brandy Says:

If anyone is enrolled in ANY government insurance program (Medicare/Medicaid) they will NOT be able to use the savings card. I have BCBS as my primary & Medicaid as secondary so I couldn't use the savings card. I pay $50 for a months supply thanks to having both insurances.

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Donna Says:

I have been using Butrans for quite some time and it is wonderful. I have the same amount of painkiller in my bloodstream all the time. There is no ups or downs, just no pain for a week. Before taking the Butrans, I was in almost constant pain. I had to take long lasting Morphine with Norco for breakthrough pain. Now I don't have to worry about taking pills all the time.

Butrans would not be good for pain that came on and off, it's for constant pain.

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shekinah Says:

Unfortunately butran patches only come prepackaged in a month supply pharmacies are not allowed to open the container to only give a one week supply.

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GunnyYutYut Says:

I don't know about T4L, but I am active and on Tricare Prime. Tricare covered my Butrans patches for my back, but it requires additional authorization and verification between the pain management and Tricare. The patches are fairly effective, and they don't make you feel drugged up. However, it took almost 3 days for me to notice relief and I still get breakthrough pain. I have no other meds for the breakthrough pain, so I just take Ibuprophen, OTC sleep pills (I get miserable at nights when I rest), stretch a lot, and use the TENS. I am going to get shots, which I hope work because I am only 40, but I've been a lifer in the Corps for two decades. My body hurts almost everywhere. I can't imagine what 60 will feel like if the docs can't help me. I hope you get your patches covered.

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Just Kay Says:

Hi....Your Dr. MUST contact Tricare and do an over the phone PRE-AUTHORIZATION.. So long as the Dr. answers the questions posed to him or her correctly they WILL absolutely APPROVE your Butrans patches. I know this is FACT because I use the Butrans patches and I pay a co-pay of 24.00 A MONTH. Not only that but at first they didn't authorize and I paid 170.00 for the first month supply. Then my Dr. re-did the CO-AUTHORIZATION over the phone and they were APPROVED IMMEDIATELY AND they sent me FULL reimbursement after I filled out their on-line form along with information on the patches and my receipt. I mailed it all in and got a check in the mail for the full 170.00 Your DOCTOR'S OFFICE must contact Tricare and answer the pre-authorization questions as to WHY you need the patches and what your diagnosis is. They WILL approve them. My authorization is GOOD until... 2099. (I found that quite FUNNY) but there is was...on the authorization letter. You DOCTOR MUST co-operate... Good luck, do NOT give up.....

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bubba Says:

Butran injects every hour, 24/7 ,for 7 days .It is the only medicine that will work for me period.I have chronic pain from a 28 foot tree fall ,with alot of broken bones.I use the 15 mm,but I like the 20 better.I have no side affects at all.

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Carol Says:

I too am in constant pain and was just giving my first prescription for butrans... I'm terrified so you're very positive experience was helpful to read. Thank you

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bob Says:

I am taking 1/2 pill 10/325 four times a day with butrans 15 mcg/hour. Are there any harmful side-effects?

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