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Gen Eq: FIORICET, what is this medication and how does it make you feel and what is it for. will it cause anexity?

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I was prescribed that medicine in place of methodone thats all i can say

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This is not a narcotic, so I am not sure how it is supposed to replace Methadone.

This is Acetaminophen, with the barbituate Butalbital and Caffeine, it is usually given to help with migraine headaches.

Common side effects may include; nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and sedation.

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Are there any questions?

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The original question: Does this cause anxiety among some users?

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I have been given this medication for Migraines and I am already taking Vicodin for pain, and it hasn't been helping so the E.R. Dr. prescribed this it is not seeming to do anything whatsoever, has anyone had any relief from this med?

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I was in a bad car accident where I broke several bones and had a collapsed lung, do to being ejected frm our truck, I was on dilata for 2mons every 2 hrs, my drs are trying to find a combination that works for me do to the fact I'm in chronic pain daily, as I took this medicine it do absolutely nothing for me! I still had a headache all day long!

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