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Candy Says:

Does the buprenorphine 8mg 460 work as well as 54 411's? I'm curious as I've seen other imprints, just not 460. Please let me know if they are better or worse.

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Frustrated460 Says:

Elly I hear you 100% The 460's SUCK!!! I don't know what's in it but it doesn't feel anything like the 54411 pills I've been taking for about 7 years now. I've been seeing the same Dr. the whole time and this was the first time I couldn't get the 54411. I live in NH. I don't even know what to do. I haven't used in 12 years and this is the first time I've been worried about going back, which I DONT want in any way at all, but that's how crappy those 460 are to me. I go to CVS. Does anyone know if other pharmacies still carry the 54 412???

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Chelle Says:

I am in the same boat and the only seemingly valid answer I'm getting is try to find a mom and pops pharmacy in your area, but be aware that asking for a particular med from a particular manufacturer may not be the only issue that arises. Im being told that they may refuse any insurance you may have forcing you to pay cash for your entire script as well as overcharge you sighting increased expenses ordering for you as their justification. Seems like this is gonna turn into price gouging to me. I've gotten nowhere with CVS. They are only about the all mighty dollar as well.

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Another irritated patient Says:

Tim I too have compared ingredients. While I agree they are made of the same components for the most part, how much of each is where the difference is causing problems

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riggsk0915 Says:

One pharmacist said they weren't sure why they hadn't been able to get a supply but he'd doubt they'd stop manufacturing them because, another said these 460 were the replacement for 54 411, and two people even told me crazy stories like that some type of vehicle/vessel/train or whatever, was transporting the meds and had an accident and that was the reason, another saying they were on back-order until 7/17. But then I attempted to contact the Lab myself, to find out the real story. I found an article on the internet. Another company, just closed on a 2.1 billion dollar buy of Roxane Laboratories (manufacturer of the 54 411 imprinted tablet buprenorphine) and that is the reason. I believe we are now being supplied with this new company's brand of buprenorphine from this point forward. Unfortunate, as most of us know, the Roxane tablets were much more effective with less side effects compared to other generics but this of course will not affect the other brands if you prefer one of those (Mylan, maker of M924 imprinted tablet; Hi-Tech, maker of small, round, arrow imprinted tablet, Teva, Akorn, etc.... Now the funny thing is, I keep seeing reviews stating that their new medicine (460) has a "minty, Suboxone-y taste" and that is not the case for mine. Also, one review in which the reviewer mentioned that taste, stated the name of the manufacturer, which is different than the manufacturer on the new white, round, 460 imprinted tablets I got. Because mine are DEFINITELY not minty. They do have an intense, and I mean intense, burning sensation while dissolving under the tongue. Incredibly more intense than any other. And that's only with a half dissolving at a time! I have been dealing with muscle cramps in my legs, and other symptoms due to them being MUCH less effective. My guess is, we won't be seeing the 54 411 tablets anymore period, whether you call and complain or not. They should do away with these ones however, and I do think complaints will result in that. But even then, I imagine the pharmacies carrying this medication will just supply another generic, one of the ones I listed above, and likely not be able to get the Roxanes back ever again. Anyway, hope this information helps someone. I know I myself was frantically searching for answers, just hate being in the dark with my recovery when it comes to changes, as I'm sure others would agree.

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Subuser Says:

It's Westward brand that makes the 54 411 bup. I think we all need to call CVS and complain before we all RELAPSE

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Subuser Says:

You are not crazy! It does my wife and I the same way! These pills seem like fakes to me

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pattyh Says:

Just went to CVS and noticed the different brand. Just took a half and have to see if it works the same..I loved the 54 411 never had a problem. Don't go to walgreens the small ones DO NOT WORK....I am going to call CVS and complain.

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NC Says:

Thank you for that very informative and helpful reply. God Bless

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Roxanne56 Says:

There is no subutex by mylan labeled 54/11.That was the Roxane brand. I say WAS. NOW WE ARE ALL SUFFERING.i hate mylan.almost as bad as hitech

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Kalves Says:

Cleigh83- where in New England are you I'm also in New England and I've had illergic reactions to the other subutex except 54-411 I asked cvs to order them they keep claiming there on back order and can't. Just wondering which rite aid you went to because the ones where I live are a joke and just don't give a crap

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Cassie Says:

No walgreens switched to orange ones they don't have the little white ones anymore either

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Sad but true Says:

Please don't get the 460 buprenorphine. They're are making thousands sick and I highly advise you don't go to CVS because they're the ones carrying them. I advise anyone who has had this brand prescribed to call the CVS Helpline and report any adverse side effects.

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Sad but true Says:

Are the orange buprenorphines okay? Walgreens carries them

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Samsue Says:

Yes they burn ur mouth very bad n taste worse my first few days on them I got nauseous and very tired after switching from roaxann brand to the 460 kind and after a week or so all that went away except for the burning ..Wonder what causes the burn sensation??

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Roxanne56 Says:

Your very welcome. I encourage also that we STOP BUYING THE WORTHLESS 460 SUBS FROM CVS. Maybe, just maybe, if we collectively stop buying them Wentworth/Sun. will begin to notice. Stocks will drop. "We need a sub revolution..'Its very serious I know. I've tried all the subs being on them this long. Now they are equivalent to Actavis; wear off / weak. Hi Tech being the worst. It's at the point I'm ready to say f it and get on the suboxone strips. I posted all their info. I filed complaints against them. CVS has no control, they give us what their warehouse sends. So I am so weary from all this. I'm sick. I'm so concerned about all the rest of us out there suffering. God forbid relapsing. Anyway God bless us all.

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460sucks Says:

If they gave you the 460 buprenorphine I suggest you have your prescription bottle handy and call CVS Help Desk. If enough of us call they can't ignore it.

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Helpme Says:

Who knows but it's scary. I have actual blisters under my tongue from them and I have never had any problems with the 54 411 pill. How long can this go on? We are fragile people in recovery and this is making me think crazy things like we are getting placebos or something

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Sav Says:

The burn is awful, call your insurance company and Dr, let them know. The pharmacy should be able to order a new script with an insurance override cuz of side effects.

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Crg Says:

My boyfriend just got the 460 subs from CVS. He has insurance through them and has to do it all through the mail. I usually take the 54 411 ones from my pharmacy. I tried one and it reminded me of the little ones with the 8 imprint on them. The problem here is NO ONE carries subutex. I was driving from northern WV to OH (3 hrs away) to get the small ones, then all of a sudden that pharmacy gets tired of filling them and stops carrying subutex. So I found a little mom and pop shop in PA but they charge $350 for 56. Crazy! So if my pharmacy changes to the 460 ones I'm stuck with those bc I've literally called and went to over 100 pharmacies and no one carries them. Or WV won't fill PA scripts or some bull like that. But I got a PA script of subs filled in VA. As long as they can verify the DEA # it should be okay. With the amount of opioids up here you'd think pharmacies would carry it. It's going to be hard to pay that much money for the 460 ones if it arises. But I recently downloaded the app "blink" where I can get my whole script for under $150 and they work with Walmart, rite aid, CVS, Kroger, etc. I wonder if certain pharmacies would have to carry them if I paid blink and then went there to pick it up. Or if they could still turn me down. Has anyone had this problem where they're at? And has anyone ever used blink?

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j micc Says:

@460sucks (message # 17) why are you lending out your meds????? This doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason.....pretty sure you're not supposed to do that and it sounds more like you're selling rather then "lending"..... just my opinion.

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