Buprenorphine 8mg 460

Frustrated460 Says:

I have been prescribed the 54 411 buprenorphine pills for about 7 years now. After my last doc visit I filled my script and they told me the same thing about the 54 411 not being available anymore and I got the 460's from them instead. My opinion...they SUCK! Feels like it has about 1/4 the amount of the 8mg it's supposed to have in it. I've been struggling all month with trying not to take more than I'm supposed to. I'm prescribed 1 8mg pill a day and have been happily taking that dose for about 3 years now down from 2 a day. Why this change has happened I have no idea but for me it's not a good thing at all. Besides the huge difference in price I have nothing good to say about the 460's. Does anyone know of a pharmacy that still carries the 54 411? I use CVS

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Ironman3332 Says:

I am having the same problem...CVS gave me these from Sun and I am not sure about them. They don't seem as bad as Hi-Tech, but I hope Roxane comes back. I am calling their office tomorrow (they got bought last Fall by another company - Hikna or something)

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Ironman3332 Says:

I am also contemplating calling my doctor and asking if he will prescribe ZubSolv - they are more consistant.

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riggsk0915 Says:

I don't know where you are from, but we had been hearing the same thing here in our area (Ohio, West Virginia, Penn.)... Read til the end, I do have the answer!... One pharmacist said they weren't sure why they hadn't been able to get a supply but he'd doubt they'd stop manufacturing them because, another said these 460 were the replacement, and two people even told me crazy stories like that some type of vehicle/vessel/train or whatever, was transporting the meds and had an accident and that was the reason, another saying they were on back-order until 7/17. But then I attempted to contact the Lab myself, to find out the real story. Another company, just closed on a 2.1 billion dollar buy of Roxane Laboratories (manufacturer of the white, round, 54 411 imprinted tablet buprenorphine) and that is the reason. I believe we are now being supplied with this new company's brand of buprenorphine from this point forward. Unfortunate, as most of us know, the Roxane tablets were much more effective with less side effects compared to other generics but this of course will not affect the other brands if you prefer one of those (Mylan, maker of M924 imprinted tablet; Hi-Tech, maker of small, round, arrow imprinted tablet, Teva, Akorn, etc.... Now the funny thing is, I keep seeing reviews stating that their new medicine (460) has a "minty, Suboxone-y taste" and that is not the case for mine. Also, one review in which the reviewer mentioned that taste, stated the name of the manufacturer, which is different than the manufacturer on the new white, round, 460 imprinted tablets I got. Because mine are DEFINITELY not minty. They do have an intense, and I mean intense, burning sensation while dissolving under the tongue. Incredibly more intense than any other. And that's only with a half dissolving at a time! Anyway, hope this information helps someone. I know I myself was frantically searching for answers, just hate being in the dark with my recovery when it comes to changes, as I'm sure others would agree.

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Steamroller Says:

I don't know where u live but here in Ohio it's tuff to find any. But when you do it's usually the 54 411 or the Mylan 924 and at worst them actavis orange ones. But a friend of mine at our counseling meeting said he got the 460 u speak of... he said its not controlling his cravings. He looked into it and they are made in India of all places!! What I've seen about India has never been good, sewers running open in the streets, poverty, one of the worst living conditions by far. Real quick, I saw a documentary on India on their trains, when rolling on the tracks, if u have to use the restroom they lift a flap on the floor for you to take a dump and they keep rolling. So disturbing to me. The moral I'm getting to is if that's how they live how can they have quality meds?

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SteveC Says:

CVS is in the process of switching the brand of buprenorphine they stock to one manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals (a white pill with a 460 imprint on one side). They are TERRIBLE... burning sensation as the pill dissolves and subsequent upset stomach. We all need to call CVS's Customer Relations department at 844-239-6923. Otherwise we're all going to be stuck. Previously CVS dispensed buprenorphine made by Roxane (now merged into WestWard). These were a white pill with 54 411 imprint on one side. Call the Pharmaceuticals Supervisor for the Northeast Region at 401-665-6674 or call CVS Customer Relations. UPDATE: Sun Pharmaceuticals is a low-end manufacturer of generic meds based in India. The company has reportedly been operating under significant financial duress for some time and is currently doing all it can to cut production expenses!

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Helpme Says:

Call CVS Help Desk & report this. This brand is causing a lot of people trouble

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Jamie Says:

I just picked up the 460 round white subutex pill and almost spit it out immediately. It was burning the underside of my tongue. I am pregnant and feel sick enough as it is with constant nausea. I just decided to look up reviews and saw all these negative comments and it makes me furious that pharmaceutical companies can get away with so much. I am definitely calling CVS to complain about this new pill they are selling. I hope that anyone else who had the same side effects calls and complains too!

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riggsk0915 Says:

Jamie, be careful- they tend to leave blisters in your mouth because of the acidity of the tablet. The company is out of India of all places, and from what I have read in other forums on here that were discussing the same topic, they have been in financial crisis and cutting costs any way they can. So apparently they don't care about the side effects of the product they are manufacturing. I hope you did not experience nausea or upset stomach like I have from those tablets. That would be horrible if you are pregnant. I also experienced extreme fatigue and depression the first week. Idk if the depression was a direct side effect (I did read 2 other people experienced this as well) or if it was just from me feeling so crappy & having no energy or motivation to do anything that made me depressed. It was a really terrible feeling as I have not had symptoms of depression in at least 2 years. I will admit I did begin to get used to them more, after about a week. All except for the burning of the tongue/mouth. I will, however, do everything I can to not have to take that brand again.

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Bobby Says:

I just received an email in response to my inquiry about West ward pharmacuticals continuing to supply the former Roxane labs buprenorphine. I was told that the final part of West ward aquiring Roxane labs took place in May and they will continue to supply this medication. She said it is now available and their is an ample supply right now and if CVS or whatever pharmacy you were getting Roxane from should now be able to again order it. It won't be called Roxane any longer I'd assume and probably west ward so hopefully we will be able to get it again because this sun brand Subutex is kinda crappy in my opinion. Ive been on subutex for 11 years and took the name brand for years so I've experienced the top quality and obviously the brand name was the best but Teva made a generic Subutex that was pretty close to it and it's on a long term back order now for a couple years. Roxane was the second best generic imo... I got stuck with hi tech a couple times years ago and they are very under dosed. These sun labs are are a little underdosed but they don't get ride of that craving for opiates like the other brands do and I've been having cravings for opiates for the first time in many years.

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Mandy Says:

Re: riggsk0915 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

The same thing is happening to me. I have been taking these 460 from sun pharma since the 24th and I feel horrible. I can't even function. I am dizzy, I have no energy and I feel depressed. This is not what I felt like the time before. Last month I checked with the pharmacy and they told me the had changed to the 460. I can't wait to get a new script and get the old one back so I can get back to loving life.

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Stephanelle Says:

CVS is the only place that I know of that carries the 460's. I went to Walmart and had never seen this kind until my husband had to fill his at CVS. Now we go to a local pharmacy and have no problem getting the regular ones& yes the burning sensation sucks.

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Mandy Says:

I swallowed the buprenorphine, is that ok? I forgot I was supposed to put it under my tongue. Will it still work?

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Steve Says:

Re: Mandy (# 12) Expand Referenced Message

Swallowing the buprenorphine pill will yield approximately 30% efficacy as compared to making use of it sublingually.

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Bobby Says:

Unfortunately I got a call from the girl at CVS today who does the ordering and was to,d the Roxanne westward brand is on back order again and that every other brand is too ( except Sun pharmacy) which I tried once and felt crappy all month. So guess I'm gonna be stuck on these for at least this month or until Roxanne west ward comes off back order again.. It's rediculous with this medication and the lack of quality generics or that the name brand was pulled. I'm going to ask my doctor if he will up my dose to help with the low quality and feeling I got that these were underdosed last time. I would switch to Suboxone strips temporarily if they didn't make me feel so horrible. It's always something with this medication I swear!

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TKRaxTchYY120 Says:

Re: Bobby (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Stop crying, the 460's Rock! You just lack the ability to do your research......first........and please do not be one of those people who say "Well I know this and I know that!" I DON'T CARE WHAT U KNOW! WHAT I KNOW IS THAT THE 460'S ARE THE FUTURE AND THE BEST! AND THE INGREDIENT IN THEM IS FAR STRONGER THAN SOME IN THE MYLANS AND 54 411. I hate to say it but YES THE 54 411 SUBS HAVE A NEW INGREDIENT AND ARE NOT THE SAME!

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jj Says:

Re: TKRaxTchYY120 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

What new ingredient is in the new roxane/west ward 54 411, because my face is a hot flashes and red and I feel like crap? I'd like to know as I think I'm allergic to whatever it may be. I was getting the mylan but they were out and I used to be fine with the old 54 411 8mg tabs but just over the last 3 days have been horrible and I noticed a chance in my body for worse, like I have the flu plus eczema, skin rash, so if I can know what the different filler is it'd be so helpful to me and I'd feel better. Thanks.

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Bobby Says:

Oh here we go an online tough guy.. I have taken the 460s for 2 months and there not even close to the strength or quality of west wsrd/ Roxanne or activis for that matter. Not even close! Sounds like you work for sun labs to me. Adults are having a discussion here we will let you know if we need you. Thanks

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Bobby Says:

The 54 411 are still available they were or are on temporary back order the are just being distributed by west ward prarma instead of Roxanne but are the same thing. I saw people saying there is a new ingredient in it but I never heard that and I've been taking it for close to 7 years and didn't notice any difference. I'm waiting for it to come of back order so my CVS can start ordering it for me again. I got the activis brand this month and I don't like the orange color and the ton of fillers give it a funky taste but they are actually pretty strong not my favorite but there not awful. I might just rotate between activis and those sun brand until I can get the 54 411 west ward / Roxanne again.

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Manders Says:

Re: TKRaxTchYY120 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

So you really like the 460?? How do they make u feel? Mine doesn't have that strong nasty taste as a strip does. My 460 i got today there is no burning under the toung either. So idk what everyone is talking about!

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sativabupeyea Says:

I've read many of these posts in my day and never felt the need to reply. However, two weeks ago I too received the sun pharma 460 subs. The month before I had to pay double at wally world for my 54 411's. They no longer take coupons... So, I was forced to go to cvs and didn't even think about what brand I was given until opening the bag in the parking lot because I was so preoccupied with not paying a fortune. Anyway, I took one and yes it has a terrible taste that does kinda burn if any of the pill gets on top of your tongue. But after two weeks im gunna say I can tell no difference as far as potency. Actually, they might be a hair stronger because I've noticed if I wish to have a regular daily bathroom visit I have to wait a few hours before taking my morning dose. With 54 411's it didn't matter. Also I felt like I took 54's more often. So yea, I said it, 460's might be better. I even wanted to determine they weren't, but as far as I can tell they're just as good, or equal.

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