Bupap, Drugs That Show Up Similar

anna Says:

I never took bupap before but my drug test showed bupap in my system. What other drugs might show up as bupap? Would trazodone show up as something similar?

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anna Says:

I was told that my trazadone shows up as similar or the same as suboxone so I was wondering if this is true or not, I went and paid for an independent drug screen and it showed negative for any drugs two days later, does this mean it was a faulty test or perhaps that someone tampered with the original drug test?

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Choo choo Says:

I had a drug test yesterday and they said I was positive for THC, meth, and suboxone
The meds I take are....trazadone, clonidine, atterall, baclofen, Paxil, and levothyroxin
I have never taken suboxone in my life, I looked up that ibuprofen can cause a false positive for THC and my atterall comes up as meth....I can't figure out why I would test positive for suboxone. Anyone know if any of my medications could cause a false positive for the suboxone???? Please help

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