Brown Pill B 23

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Need to know what pill this is. It's round with 2 scores like to break in fourths, the top left has a capitol B and lower right has the number 23 its dark brown or purple in color and the back is empty no markings.

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jenna Says:

I found one of these as well and can't seem to find what it is anywhere online!

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lisa Says:

I have this too, from my vet for my cat. It has written on the envelope Bixytril but that is a guess because its scribbled. It was given for a wound infection.

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Beth Says:

It's Baytril, a dog/ cat antibiotic. Generic form is enrofloxacin. Hope this helps

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Size05 Says:

This is an antibiotic that vets use called baytril - my cat is a male and prone to bladder and urinary tract infections as well as kidney stones. I've never had them prescribe any other antibiotic So know this pill oh so well. If you do not have a bottle with how much to give your feline, please look up instructions or call vet in they have given me dog strength which I've had to break into quarters and also cat strength only having to give in halves. You don't to give animal too much. Know the B23 is for a cat or small dog and dose for approx 14 lbs is half pill twice daily until completed. Again used most commonly with bladder infections and will start working before med complete. If your animal cannot pass the urine vs constantly in box or straining only passing pea size drops, they may need immediate attention as baytril cannot open a complete blockage. Please be sure they're passing at least pea sized droplets and any blood means most likely kidney stones and a vet is needed ASAP. Unless you are familiar with them like I am now please don't assume. I've just been through so many times I know when it's early I can start baytril or he must get to vet. I also know how to squeeze his bladder the right way to check for blockage. I am not a vet.

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Amy Says:

I just got a puppy and she has worms. Will this pill b23 help?

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