Brown Oval Softgel Prenatal Vitamin

Martha Says:

I am trying to find the name of a prenatal vitamin I took during my first pregnancy. It was a brown oval softgel and I thought it smelled like chocolate (not taste). It may have had an imprint in white but I am not 100% sure. It was expensive, about $1 a pill per month. Hope you can help - thanks!!!

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David Says:

Hi Martha,

Can you possibly recall any sort of logo or details on the product packaging by chance? Since there are so many vitamins on the market (Rx and OTC) it would be near impossible to locate a specific pill based on smell, color, and shape alone.

Right now the closest match I'm finding is a chocolate colored brown gel capsule; which happens to be a Prenatal Vitamin Complex with Omega-3. From what I could tell, there's no apparent marking, but without any other details, this is unfortunately where my search ends.

Please post back if have any more bits or pieces of information to add. I hope this helps! :)

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Mmora Says:

Have you found the name of the prenatal I been looking for it also but no luck

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Tiffany Says:

Hi. I have same question you have!!! I took same brown soft capsule prenatal vitamin for my first pregnancy and was the only one that did not make me nauseous. Yes, it smelled like chocolate which helps:) has anyone responded with the brand name ? Thanks , Tiffany

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Mmora Says:

Hi Tiffany after searching for it, I was able to find them there's two of them same brand it's called prenexa and nexa plus. I believe they don't longer have prenexa because I was switched from prenexa to nexa plus but it's the same thing just that nexa plus has biotin. Hopefully your ob/gyn can prescribe it to you. (

God bless you and your little one. :)

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