Breast Tenderness
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Dena Says:

i have only been taking this pill for 9 days i have extremely tender breasts it feels like they are heavy and full of milk. anyone else have this??

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Mary Says:

Gabapentin does not help with pain at all it only helps with your Nevers in your body that's all it is for.

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Martina Says:

Have anyone period stop that taking the pills

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Martina Says:

I have been on the pills 4 about 4 months having seen my period but when i start the pills it came on 2 time in 1 month but having been back on

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stargirl Says:

Hey, i'm on the second pack of loestrinFe. My boobs havent gotten sore at all, but they did get a little bigger. my problems is it makes me really naucious after i take it sometimes

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B Says:

I had the same problem with these pills. My breasts hurt so bad i didnt even want a tshirt touching them. My second month on loestrinfe i bled for 12days and then no period when i was supposed to...Just started pack 3 so i guess ill see how this month goes hopefully better.

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Verwon Says:

This can happen with birth control pills and some other drugs as well. As a side effect, it should wear off as your body gets used to the new medication, if it doesn't, then you will need to speak to your doctor about trying other options.

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kpatrick Says:

Yes, very heavy like milk laden. They look great but hurt to touch or even put on bra. This started at day 32 (2nd pack) of chantix. I have quit so am thinking about cutting down on the chantix.

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