Breast Pains After I Stopped Using Nuristerate

Yo Says:

I've been using nuristerate for 4 months and i stopped on the 5th month. I made love with my fiance without a condom after that, but I used a morning after pill within the period of 72 hours. From the begining of the 6th month I've been experiencing breast pains is it normal to feel such pains or is there a posibility that I might be pregnant? Please help *worried*

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Yo! How are you?

If you've been actively engaging in intercourse, there is always a risk of your getting pregnant, regardless of what form of protection you use.

And from my own experience, I can tell you that breast pain is usually the first sign to show itself in many women.

Have you consulted your doctor? Letting them do some blood work would be the best way to get an answer.

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Lauran Says:

Hi..I've been using nuristerate for 4 mothns after having a miscarriage. I lost too much of weight. Is it possible for me to gain my weight back since I've stoped using the IV? and what have caused my weight loss?

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Daniela Says:

Hi please i wana fall pregnant urgently...i was on my injection nu-istrate lastyear octo er was my last shot...was suppose to be back december but now no period yet and braest was sore but now only visible blood veins on breat and lots of pack pain but home preg test says neg..what might it be

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