Bleeding While Taking The Pills

Amy Says:

I started my first Lo Loestrin Fe pack last week due to long period of bleeding, it lasted about a month but not too heavy. When I had my first pill, the period did not lessen, so i had two pills a day and it finally lessened to a little spot everyday. Just last night, i took the pill two hours late, and today, I started bleeding again, pretty heavily too. What should I do now? I took the pill today though.

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Amy! Sorry about the problem that you're having.

However, only your doctor is really going to be able to help you. In most cases, bleeding like that is caused by being low in Progesterone and your doctor can do tests to check your levels of it. If that's what's causing it, then simply supplementing it back may help, rather than taking a combined oral contraceptive.

Do you have a regular gynecologist?

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amy Says:

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I do. The irregular bleeding has been happening for a while now. The gynecologist told me the loestrin will regulate my period by fixing the hormone. My doctor also gave me medroprogesterone pills to take, but it didn't really help, so I went back to Loestrin. In the past, Loestrin helped pretty well, except I don't know what's wrong this time. Can it be because I took one pill two hours late, and it messed up the order?

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