Birth Control Help Please

julian Says:

I started my period on Wednesday the 3rd of April and started previfem on the following Sunday which was the 6. I had intercourse the weekend of the 18 through 20th protected and un protected with my boyfriend that weekend was the last time we have had intercourse. last week I took two pills late on Thursday 24th(about ten mins late) and Friday 25th (like an hour late). all the other days and Saturday and Sunday after the late days I have taken them at the same time and everyday regularly. yesterday, Sunday the 27th I started the week 4 which are the light green pills. I should have also started my period today but so far nothing should I be worried? ...

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Verwon Says:

Hello,, Julian! How are you?

Why did you start it so late? It should be started the first day of your period, not the first Sunday of it.

And starting it so late, plus missing pills or taking them late could have allowed ovulation to occur, which creates the risk of pregnancy.

Have you consulted your doctor? It would be best to have it checked out to be sure.

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Julian Says:

My doctor told me to start the first Sunday so I did. I had intercourse a week after I missed those two pills. I missed the last week on Thursday and Friday but the I course was the 18-20th.

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