Biotin Calcium Pantothenate With Minerals And N-acetyl Cysteine Tablets

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biotin calcium pantothenate with minerals and N-acetyl cysteine tablets; Toboplus, Zee laboratories.

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Verwon Says:

What type of infornation are you looking for?

This is a nutritional supplement, that is used to prevent a deficiency in these vital nutrients or to treat the conditions that can be caused by such.

Since it is not an actual drug, the side effect profiles for it have not been studied, but some people do report nausea after taking them.


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Charles Says:

Can my doctor prescribe Pantothen on the NHS UK, which is the best drug for Acne? I am on ESA free prescription. Pantothen is very expensive and I can't afford to buy it.

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Sebastian Says:

I have some black scars on my leg, which appeared 4 years ago. Doctor (in India) prescribed Keraglo brand tablets (Biotin Calcium Pantothenate With Minerals And N-Acetyl Cysteine Tablets & Folgroom brand tablets (Biotin Minerals and Aminoacids tablets)
Kindly advise these are useful for this.

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Murugappan Says:

Keraglo mostly prescribed for hair regrowth purpose, whereas biotin is enhances hair growth if taken for six months continuously. For scar you may try 'Hexilak' gel

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Reddy Says:

Any side effects using of Biotin with Calcium Pantothenate, N-Acetyl Cysteine & Minerals tablets?

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syed Says:

What trade name does biotin and calcium pentathoate come in, in Bangladesh?

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charan Says:

How do Biotin with l-cysteine and mineral tablets work? And can it block DHT and promote hair growth?

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