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This is in a medication from Mexico for arthritis called Artridol

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aatpct Says:

it is for arthritis , i use it for back and hip pain. It works fantastic.

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ravaldes Says:

I have used artridol for the past five yaers with no side effects. It is for arthritis , i use it for back and hip pain. It works fantastic. AND I have yet to find anything better. I have not had any side effects.

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Joe Beck Says:

I was introduced to Artridol back in February of 2009 to help eliminate left hand/joint pain. Within two days my hand was once again working which allowed me to, again, play guitar which i have done professionally for 40 years. It works and I now take a generic version almost every day which I purchased in Mexico.

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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been to lots of Dr with no results I got this Artridol which has Betametasona and it works but need to know more about it. Dr says too much steroids. Please respond

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Barbara Gibson Says:

I need to know the side affects of betametasona and what all it is perscribed for

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Penny Says:

I just started taking ARTRIDOL for gout. It was prescribed by my Mexican doctor. It seems to be working; but I am unable to sleep when I take it. Has anyone had this experience ?
Thank you !

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, when it comes to foreign drugs it is very hard to find any information to give you on them, they are just not regulated like drugs approved in the U.S. are.

The only thing I can recommend is that you speeak to your doctor or pharmacist and ask them for more information.

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celesemine Says:

hi, my 4 yr old son was prescribed this by a doctor in spain. i would like to know exactly what it is for. thanks

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frank Says:

I have been given Voltaren and have used Alieve, but neither has helped my severe shoulder pain. The doctor states my condition is tendanitis or bursitis. Could this drug help?

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stuart Says:

I regularly take the generic version - called Ritradol for gout attacks and severe knee pain. It does a fantastic job. No noted side effects, but I only take it twice a day with meals for one week at a time. I would not recommend it as a long-term daily solution, only when you feel a gout attack coming on. Thank goodness I'm close to Mexico and can buy this when needed. I had been taking Indomethicin when gout attacks occured (prescribed by a US doctor). A Mexican pharmacist suggested this a better solution and it has worked out well for me. I believe the small amount of steroid in it (betamethasone) makes all the difference for my knee/joint pain.

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rocio Says:

hi my name is rocio and my boss and i got in a car accident i went to hospital and they were giving me lots of medication for my pain for my shoulderblade n chest so my sister went to TJ and got me the (ARTRIDOL)(Betametasona-Indometacina Gel) it works great for my pain.. im able to sleep at nights...

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Nikki Says:

I could not lift my arm. One shot (which really-really hurt) and within 15 minutes I was getting relief. That has been 1 year and still fine. When the Arthritis in my right hand becomes worse I will definately return to Betametasona - shot and all.

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Pete Says:

betametasona is a steriod as with all medicine steriods serve a purpose if not abused. We just got back from Brazil and my son was given this medicne combined with other medicne by a brazilian doctor. It looks as if he has chicken pox. I am not familar with the other medicines mentioned here that contain betametasona but this formula only has .05 ml per dose.

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hada Says:

Is a corticoesteroid that is use as a systemic antiflammatory has a lot of uses like for asthma, neurologica pain, for strepto throat, congested, allergies, skin problems

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Jason Says:

Yes it is for arthritis. I got Artridol from my dr in mex and have had more relief from using it then any other meds. Even better then the normal pain meds like codeine and tramadol. But my concern is if my company does a random drug panel will this come up as a problem? I can't seem to find out anyone know if it will??? Thank you

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Jollyroger Says:

I have used artridol for quite a period now and no side effects is there anyone I can get this from and send to Canada

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