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Steve Says:

I've used Rhodes, Amneal & now just starting Actavis. (Oxycodone 10/325) The Rhodes seemed to work well. The Amneal seemed to barely work at all. The verdict is still out on the Actavis. I'd welcome any suggestions on generics of this drug.

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Kimber Says:


Actavis took over Watson brand and ruined the product in comparison as stated by so many long term Watson customers. As a previous Watson lover I can say that Actavis is hit and miss at times. The 5/325 oxy are huge round hard pills that do not work at all. The softer 7.5/325 oxy are effective but not as good as the old Watson by any means. I have just started to use the 10/325 oxy and I honestly think the 7.5s worked better. Actavis is getting a bad reputation as time goes on but with alot of research on other brands and opinions, I have not found any brand that has really great positive reviews. Although I have seen the worst reviews on the Amneal, Qualitest, KVC and even Rhodes.

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Carriw Says:

Rhodes is amazing compared to the a rule of thumb I avoid ANY meds manufactured by Watson as well as Actavis because I'm pretty sure Watson owns them too now.

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ga Says:

What brand of oxycodone is the strongest at 10mg and has the least fillers? I'm getting kvk and am still in pain and the color changed from pink to white.

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Smart one Says:

U are exactly right on the mark,,,actavis does not work like watson,,,,it only upsets the stomach and actually causes more pain,,!,,this is only with the 10 325 tablet for percocet,,,,brands of generics are not the same,,,,,!,,,,,,,,,,,

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Mason Says:

From the ones that I've been prescribed (Mallinckrodt, Amneal, Rhodes, and Aurobindo) I thought the Mallinckrodt 10/325 worked best for me. Most effective at killing pain with the least side effects. I can't find them anymore though.

All of the current generics are trivial. Mostly all with 90% negative reviews and 10% decent reviews. I'm currently getting the Aurobindo U17 10/325 and while they don't make me feel so great they do seem to help with the pain.

The most recent (or newest to me) that I've heard of are Camber pharmaceuticals percocets. They are getting horrible reviews with many patients complaining of chest pain. I don't know though, I've never tried them.

I'd like to hear more opinions and answers to your question as well!

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Comments Says:

Actavis worked well for me. I’m hoping I can still find it someplace. I got switched in January by Walgreens to Camber and have been so very sick since then. I’d give anything to have your Actavis!

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Carrie Says:

Actavis is garbage!!! Rhodes is the best in my opinion, Amneal is second. Watson has bought Actavis so they are starting to decline. I found out there is a 20% efficiency gap, meaning each manufacturer has a 20% potency guideline to follow so some are stronger and some are weaker; as long as they fall within that range they are acceptable to sell.

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Comments Says:

Re: Mason (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

The Camber is the worst I’ve ever taken as a Percocet generic! I’m finishing my second month on them and cannot stand the gastrointestinal and respiratory effects any longer from them. I never knew a generic med could wreak such havoc on one’s body before — not like this! With only one kidney, the chronic diarrhea it’s caused me is downright dangerous since I always feel dehydrated. The pharmacy wouldn’t do anything, though. I’ve had many different generics, but never have I had such a negative experience with one that I would research complaints about it. I’m just so grateful I found this site because it’s provided a forum that has let me know I’m not alone with this problem with Camber.

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David N Says:

What is the best generic brand of 30 mg oxycodone?

Is it me or is the Rhodes pharmaceutical brand crap?

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