Benefits And Side Effects Of Taking Neurobion Forte: Rheumatic Or Arthitism

Cris Says:

good day to you Mam, I am 57 yrs old recently taken oral of glucosanthamine suggested by pharmacist ,suddenly stop works well with me just little bit expensive.Now at present got injection of neurobion every after 2 days for five injection.What I fellt lately was knee on my left sometime a pain while walking of a sudden and on my left hand ring finger stiffy in about 2 months when heat comes here in kuwait.My pleasure of good advice with this including foods to eat I am still very active able to work as technician in electrical field.More Power to You all,God Bless your way all.Thanks Cris M.


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omms Says:

here is same issue with me i am 27 and have epileptic issue , 3 tretments have done... now currently the same knee with the pain at left side and and one hand fingure that u have told during hot season .. dont know what issue is this ... kindly reply at my email mention below if u have any idea or knowledge..{edited for privacy} thnks

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Jenna Says:


Based on my research, Neurobion forte is a multivitamin supplement that contains Vitamins B1, B6 and B12. I have read reports that the injections are used for the treatment of Arthritis as well as other conditions.

Rare side effects of Neurobion forte injections include (but are not limited to):

Feeling of throat tightness
Bleeding of the stomach or Intestines
Turn blue
Life threatening allergic reaction
Giant hives
Fluid in the lungs

Less severe:

Fibrous thickening of the skin
Excessive sweating
Feel Like throwing up
Feeling Warm
Feeling weak

If you are experiencing other side effects that you think may be associated with this drug, please contact a medical professional.

I hope this info helps!

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cris Says:

thank you for your reply, good to know and understand ,appreciated.

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Latifa Says:

Hi . I am 60 . I have high bloodsugar for about 15 years the HHS is 7.The last 5 years I feel inside cold , shivering and as if air getting out from my body . I think I have problem with my nerves. Is Neurorubine forte suitable for me and shall I take it continously. Thanks a lot

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Hawa Says:

I am 32 years. And every day I feel weak in my health.head ache and I can't even walk.what should I do? Please help me!! Medication is too expensive

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