Benadryl With Xarelto

buddybee Says:

I have pinpoint red spots like a reaction of some sort. I'm on xarelto for clots found in my lungs n leg from cast n immobility... Can I take benadryl if on xarelto?

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Verwon Says:

Those could be due to bleeding, which Xarelto has been known to cause, as listed by the FDA, along with nausea, headache and easy bruising.

Thus, before taking anything else to try to treat it, it would be best to have this checked out by your doctor to discover the cause.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Howie Says:

Been on Xarelto (for atrial fib) for a year. I get occasional bright red bleeding after urination. Assuming it's due to Xarelto and my blood counts are OK with no other ill effects, should I stop Xarelto (could go to Warfarin which I used to take w/o side effects) or continue Xarelto w/ occasional small blood loss?

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