Belladonna Alk & Phenobarbital

Kam Says:

This stuff is impossible to find yet there are much stronger meds available. This is great for uncomfortable muscle spasms say if you're weaning off opiates - the belladonna at health food stores is not the same obviously. Donnatal is great for that too. Anyway, closest thing I've found is bentyl but it's not as helpful for all over discomfort - just stomach trouble when weaning - cold turkey you'll want clonidine too (aka catpres), something to allow you to sleep (God knows you can't sleep getting off stuff) - the more you sleep, the more time passes - but you can't sleep when you're stomach is A MESS, pains etc. And the all over body crawly antsy - can't explain unless you've been through - it'll make someone crazy! Depression follows and anyone who's gotten through it - not just the first part, but past the depression that could last up to year or more, GOD bless. I choose to stay on my pain meds until I can find an antidepressant that actually works. I've been on them all. Bi-polar I probably got too. Born into a mess of a family - in my genes. Pain pills not only relieve pain, but are antidepressants too - I swear by it. But if you haven't started and have an addictive personality -not all of us do, don't. I don't think it's worth it as tolerance builds and before you know it, you're moving up to stronger stuff and if you ever ran out - you just want to DIE! Besides pain coming back, all of the above I mentioned. I am only offering what i know helps get through the first days and weeks of physical anguish. I can't say what helps depression because I personally haven't had any success. I'm going to try again and this time going on Lithium. I'm stocked with the stomach, sleep, and clonidine (it is highly recommended as part of your regimin - it just does help - don't know why) and so Does Belladonna for the all over antsy can't sit still kill me feeling. Rip my skin off, whatever! People say take a hot bath they help. They may help if you used codeine for a few months, but that's about it. Anyway, if anyone knows where to obtain belladonna alk & pheno combination meds, post on. I'm down one and I'm ready to try again. Best to all. I also have some other info I won't post for those looking for MORE INFO - LOL we'll do that off line.

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Vanya Slape Says:

I know exactly what you are talking about. I do get the belladonna from my stomach doc but I cant really tell it does a thing for me.

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Detoxin'girl Says:

Hi all, just joined in here, new to site. I'm going into day 5 of HEAVY, severe, detox off Roxy 30's and Oxy 40's. I just searched Google for effects of Donnatal, the Belladonna/Phenobarb combo mentioned above. I just filled a scrip of this, hoping to FINALLY get a little rest! My questions are as follows: 1) Is Donnatal safe to use w/Suboxone? As in, will it make me sick? 2) Does anyone know if the Donnatal will help enough with the really nasty withdrawal symptoms to try to go it outside a recovery center? This is really hellacious!! I have 1/2 an 8mg. Suboxone left, after that nothing but the Donnatal. Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance!

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Pat Says:

Are you kicking cold turkey? I am not a doctor so I am not going to give u any medical advice. I would however get in touch with your doctor ASAP. Kicking opiates are usually not life threatening, but if you have medical problems it can be dangerous. Don't do this alone.I don't understand why everyone who gets it in their mind to quit opiates for whatever reason decides to go CT. With the medications today, there is no excuse to suffer from WD's. I am a heroin addict who has been on methadone for 20+ years. I am not suggesting you go that way, I am just telling you what works for me. Whjatever you decide to do, please do it under a doctors care..

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Detoxin'girl Says:

Thanks for your concern Pat, but my reason for kicking CT is NOT choice! I have no insurance, no money, am in quite possibly the worst situation I've ever been in financially/personally in my life, and yes, I do have other existing health problems. I have Systemic Lupus, Sjogren's syndrome, and Celiac Disease. Plus my teeth all seem to be crumbling from the fore-mentioned autoimmune issues. Hence all the pain meds. I got in over my head, lost everything I had, and am so scared. Yes, I know I need help. I WANT help. The problem is, with no ins. and no money, I don't have the choices I wish I had. If you or anyone else who happens to see this knows of a place or program (In SE Georgia) that would help me, I'm there! Thanks in advance!

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Pat Says:

Detoxing girl, Gosh I want to help you so much, One thing I can maybe hhelp you with is, go down and explain your situation to try and get Medicaide until you can get back on your feet. Right now my husband is on the phone with my doctor because I haven't been able to pay my bill and he is cutting me off of temazapam cold turkey, and I can die from WD's, I think he cant do that because he knows it would hurt me, and he isn't doing anything about it, Maybe your doctor is doing the,same thing to you. People usually don't die from opiate WD's but it has happened,, and I don't understand how your doctor can't at least put you on a taper that would at least help you. Go ti the State of Georgia, and see if you may be able to apply for emergency aid. It is a terrible thing that we live in the best Country in the world, and unless we are from another country we can;t get medical care, Something is very wrong with our system when we refuse to help our own, but if a person comes here from Laos, they get free everything...Sorry for the rant, but I have had it..We American citizens get nothing. Maybe we should call Michael Moore to take us to Cuba like he did the other Americans w/o insurance..All of them were taken care of for free.....Go figure


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Detoxin'girl Says:

Amen, Pat!! Well said. Hope you're feeling ok, - I looked up the Temazepam & the dangers of stopping it. Looks like you're in for a rough ride yourself. My prayers are with you. I went on Monday, the 20th of this month and applied for Medicaid. I have a dependent child in the home, so I know (pretty sure anyway) that I'll be approved. The problem is, by law they have 45 days to review my case and approve/deny me. In most cases, they don't take the entire 45 days, but they do take at least 25 or so. Well, by that time, I won't need acute care for the withdrawals! I've called my caseworker and explained that I am very sick and need to be hospitalized immediately. I asked if there was any way possible to expedite the case, and was told that there was not. My doctors want to help me. I have prescriptions in hand for my meds, my problem is that I don't have the money to fill them. Not to mention that in this tiny little town I live in, not ONE pharmacy is able to get the 30 mg. Roxicodone. From what I understand, Ethex Pharmaceuticals has had a recall on their meds, and one pharmacist told me that the Roxane Lab. that they order from actually burned! So the remaining pharm co.'s that manufacture Roxy 30s are overwhelmed with orders and are struggling to fill them. Unsuccessfully, I might add. In Atlanta, where I just moved here from, it wasn't that much of a problem finding them. Here, there are maybe 10 pharmacies in a 50-mile radius. (Vs. the 210 in Atlanta!) Anyway, a relative of mine found out what was going on and gave me a few of her 8 mg. Suboxone tablets. They saved me from absolute hell for a few days. She's been making phone calls on my behalf trying to find anywhere, be it inpatient or outpatient, that would be willing to help me. She found one place that told her to take me to the local E.R. and get a referral to their location, and that they do offer Suboxone therapy. I asked her if, by referral, they actually meant involuntary commitment (this is a state-funded mental hospital), and if, with my financial incapabilities, they would offer Suboxone to ME. With Suboxone being so incredibly expensive, I can't fathom a state-funded hospital being able to give the drug to a patient who's unable to pay. I was told that state funded hospitals get their money anyway, from the STATE, that I wouldn't have to worry about it. But the thought of being involuntarily committed to a state-funded mental hospital for God only knows how long terrifies me. Then again, so does the thought of dying, as could very well happen with my fragile body given the obscenely high amount of opiates I was taking. I've had to move in with my parents, with no car, no money, basically no ability to do anything to help myself. Yes, the choice to abuse my medication started with me. But there are other extenuating circumstances involved that I didn't choose. The point is, I want help. I want to break the addiction cycle. I want to put my life back together and be myself again. I want to overcome all of this and be a whole person again. There just unfortunately aren't many options, at least not that I'm aware of. (If anyone has ANY suggestions for me, please let me know!) I got a little excited when I learned about, and that both my Oxycontin AND the Suboxone are on their list of meds they can provide. Then I did more research, and it just gets discouraging. Things like: #1) It's a lengthy process to get approved, and when you're this sick every minute is one too many to wait. #2) Each doctor can only have one patient in his/her practice participating in the program, unless he/she is treating over 60 patients for opiate addiction; then they may have 3 patients in the program. (Now this is what I read on a website, I wasn't told this info. directly by anyone at the Pharm. co. or at #3) They don't require it, but they ask the Dr. to waive his/her fee, which let's face it, none of them will want to do! And #4) For the induction period (whatever that means) of Suboxone therapy, from what I read, most Docs will have you come to their office daily for your dose, as they are required to keep it under lock and key at their office. As I don't have a car right now, that's not feasible. Anyway, if anyone knows of anything besides Needymeds, or knows of any government (or other type) aid out there that would be quick to obtain, I'm all ears! Again, thanks in advance, and Pat, hope you'll be all right. That really sucks your doc won't work with you. My docs in Atlanta were really compassionate- one waived his fee for 2 months for me. (Unfortunately he isn't licensed to prescribe Suboxone.) My prayers are with you.

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Pat Says:

Detoxing girl, here is my e mail
Patrice022697 at aol. Please write me, ok? I do have a few ideas that may work in your case, unfortunatly, I can't think of anything to help you with right now while you are in WD's..Is there anyway that maybe your parents can loan you the money for your prescription? Or maybe a friend? One thing I don't want you to worry about is being committed to a hospital, The only way they can do that is if you tell them you want to kill yourself snf then they can only keep you for 72 hours.I know how it is bweing in horrible pain but also being an opiate addict. There are several things you can talk to a doctor about. Suboxone won't work, it just doesn't help pain. Methadone is a wonderful painkiller, and it looks like you will probably going to have to be on opiate medication for a long time, or I wouldnt even mention it.I don't know exacally how much they cost because I get mine from a methadone clinic, but I do know that they are very inexspensive, you just have to be extra careful because if you take anything like canac wirth it, you can OD, many people have died taking the two medications together. There is one other thing that may help you. I know you want to break this cycle of opiates, but you need them. There is an older drug that has helped many addicts, and that is Talwin NX. The reason it is such a good medication is, talwin is great for pain, and the naltraxon in it eill msake you feel like you havent taken anythingThere is no pain, and you wont feel high, the only problem is, you can't take any other opiate with it or you will go into WD's and believe me, you will ask God to let you die..I have been there, done that,,I do have one more thing that may help you, so please E Mail mw, ok?? BTW, my real name is Patrice

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Pat Says:

Why does every post I write have to be approved?? I am trying to help someone, and I have never said or done anything wrong on this board, so why am I being questioned on evcerything I write.? There is spm,epme wjp meeds advice and now God only knows how long we will have to wair until it is posted

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MedsChat Admin Says:

Hi Pat,

For privacy reasons, our site automatically flags posts which contain email addresses. We then need to review them, and format the email address in a way that would prevent SPAM bots from stealing them. We'd hate for you to start receiving SPAM just because your email address appears in one of our discussion boards. Hope this makes sense. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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Tom Rock Says:

Anyone ever hear of Ibogaine? It's bark that comes off a certain tree in a rain forest somewhere. You take it, are monitored and start having flash-backs of all the people you hurt and how you became an addict in the first place. After anywhere from 4-8 hours its over, no withdrawals, no pain, nothing! Just so happens to be illegal in the good ole USA. Wonder why? It's illegal because drugs and people that are addicted to them are a HUGE business that the gov. doesnt want to lose. Look up ibogain not sure if it has an "e" on the end or not just google it. By the way graduated the police academy at 19 was totally against drugs, long story shot became addicted to heroin for 6.5 years and have been on methadone for almost 7 now. It can happen to anyone!

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cyndi Says:

I've been at my clinic for 3 months on 130mg of methadone. i'm about to give up completely. i'm still sick at night and i can barley make it to the clinic in the morning. Im on phenobarbital, clonodine, prilocec. And i drink alot of grapefruit juice cause someone told me it would help my methadone work better. Methadone didn't come up on my peak n draw and now they dont wanna give me a split dose even though i medically need it cause they dont trust me. I'm at my wits end. SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME.

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Pat Says:

My Dr. told me that Belladonna Alkaloids with Phenobarbital was no longer made in the U.S. If this is true, where can I get? I have severe stomach cramps and this is the only drug that gives me relief.

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