Bc Powders And Salicylamide Removal

terry Says:

The new formula is too strong and hurts my stomach. The salicylamide helped me with neuralgia and chronic inflammation. Why did they remove it?

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terry Says:

Why did they remove salicylamide from Bc Powders? I needed it for neuralgia and chronic inflammation. The new formula is too strong. It hurts my stomach and gives me the jitters.

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Don Says:

THIS IS AN ANSWER : Salicylamide was removed from BC and other remedies because we have allowed THE NANNY STATE to grow too large!!!! The nanny state (which is GOV "protecting" us) has decided that Salicylamide does not work...... They are not in pain like us, they don't know anything except what they THINK. While we know what helps us, they think they know more about us than we do :( We need to rid ourselves of the nanny state telling us what to eat, what to drink, what to take into our bodies. THIS IS AMERICA??? NO! The land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the coward and home of the slave!

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Don Says:

Because this is not the land of the weak and the home of the slaves!

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Don Says:

I MEANT This IS the land of the weak and the home of the submissive slaves! Thats us by the way :(

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Don Says:

Because we are allowing a bunch of white shoe buys to run our lives!!! They have no right to decide what we eat, drink or take as medicine, THOMAS JEFFERSON WOULD BE ASHAMED he said once we allow anyone to dictate what we eat, what we drink, what we take, we are no longer free, we are living under dictatorship!

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Joan Says:

I am also upset about the removal of salicylamide from Bc Powders. I have been having migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. I am 62 and the BC powders helped more than any other medicine. That is not true with the new formula. I also think it is too strong. The aspirin hurts my stomach also.

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Don Says:

I feel sorry for all of the older folks who have relied on this remedy. I have also learned of its effects and have relieved pain for over 15 years with this myself. It worked BETTER than any terrible narcotic they even gave me, once I discovered this, I didn't have to use narcotics! Now I suffer and so do so many other innocent victims of this uninformed, unwise, most likely uncaring and certainly draconian fashioned act!

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Don Says:

P.S. Beware the doans back pills, I felt like I swallowed hot rocks, that salyclic acid is not the same as the active compound we NEED called

salycilamide which now I can only find mixed with that active synthetic which is in tylenol :(

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Verwon Says:

It was actually removed from this product back in 2009, so it is not a recent change.

As to why it was removed, however, they haven't posted any information on the specific details of that.

However, there are many products that were on the market, which contained ingredients for which safety and efficacy were never proven and the FDA has started cracking down on that. In most cases, the companies using them have the choice to either engage in proper testing, or remove them from the market.


Has anyone spoken to their doctors to get help finding an alternative?

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ShellyB Says:

PainAid from Zee Medical has the same chemical make up of the OLD BC Powder.

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Becky Says:

Salicylamide is available in a product called "painaid" . Painaid is marketed by Zee medical and can be found at some convenience stores. You can check with your local Zee medical, they usually sell to the general public if you go into their office, they can probably tell you where you can purchase it nearby as well. Painaid also contains acetaminiphen(tylenol), and aspirin, as well as caffiene.

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Ann Says:

You are absolutely right. I am also 62 and have taken BC for migraines, as did my mother. BCs would work when nothIng else would, including prescriptions, or Excedrin for migraine. If I had known this was coming I would have bought many boxes. I finally ran out of the two boxes I had and now have no options. I haven't tried the new version; I don't need to. I know the salicylamide was what made BC different from everything else.

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Bill Says:

Zee Medical still sells Painaid, which is the BC formula in tablet form for, about $0.10/pill, online from the Zee website.

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jan Says:

I actually wanted to thank you all. I looked at the back envelope of my BC powders and noticed on it that t said under active ing. Salicylamide 195mg. I couldn't for the life if me remember what that was. Only after I read your posts did I notice the exp. date was 5/12. Umm yeah I would say they have long reached the exasperation date. And I literally just bought these not 12 hours ago at my local store. Kind of scary to know they are selling way out of date products.

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Doodles Says:

They ruined the product by changing a product that worked... I took B C powder old formular for years... I cannot take the new formular... It does not work and is to strong aspirin and caffeine can be had in aspirin and strong coffee!.. I quit buying BC powder

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Falk Says:

Heads up, PainAway packets of two have 152mg of salicylamide, sold online, etc. PA extra strength does not, nor possibly PA ll, note PA is half strength of extra strength PA, but contains the extra ingredient salicylamide. Look it up!

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Val Says:

I wish I knew. It's not nearly as effective, and everyone I know, now get stomach aches from the increased aspirin.

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