Barrel Shaped White 10|p

10P white barrel Says:

Found a small unmarked container of these. One side is blank the other says 10 P seperated by a line in the middle. Thanks for any help. I searched Google and all related sites to no avail.

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Karrie Says:

Found the same pills, did you ever find out what they were?

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mikey Says:

I think it is a allergy pill call cetirizine hydrochloride. I have the same pill in a bubble pack with that name.

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David Says:

Hi Mikey,

Do you happen to know who manufacturers these or what the National Drug Code / DIN # is on the packaging? I've been searching for a way to cross reference your finding (re: cetirizine), but so far haven't located any specific details that would connect the dots so to speak... What dosage is it supposed to be?

Also, are you based in the US? This is the country I reside in, so perhaps where ever you are the pill may be different. If you could please post back at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate any feedback you might have to offer.

Thank you and have a wonderful evening!

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Leanne Says:

I found some loose pills like this. Any idea what they are

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Ross Says:

Its allergy pill, Kirkland brand from Costco. Hope this helps.

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Steph Says:

Thanks! Just searched for this also with no results!

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