Barmicil Compuesto Cream 30 G

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helvern Says:

Have been using Barmicil Compuesto Cream which I purchased at Walmart in Acapulco....Is this a safe cream and, if so, where can it be purchased in the USA????

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Magerita111 Says:

I have been using Barmicil for several skin problems such as sores, pimples, rosacea, ringworms, and gotten excellent healing of ailments, with no skin scarring. I buy it in Progreso, MX for about $3.00 a tube. This lasts for months. I also keep an extra tube handy, so that if I encounter someone with dire need of skin help, I can offer it to them.

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Roy Says:

For everyone's reference, I believe the active ingredients of this medication translate to:

Betamethasone + Clotrimazole + Gentamicin

From what I have seen the closest equivalent available in the US contains 2 of the active ingredients (Betamethasone + Clotrimazole), under the brand name Lotrisone.

Anyways, hope this helps. Does anyone else know if the above combination of ingredients is available in the US at all?

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bamber Says:

Barmicil is not available in the states. You can get it in Canada, but it's by prescription only, and is a bit more expensive than in Mexico. Sad but true.

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Claudia Says:

I just found a cream tube in my medicine cabinet and would like to know for what is good for. Barmicil compuesto 30 g. Thank you.

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jim Says:

barmicil, as stated above, is good for a wide variety of skin disorders. while not a doctor nor a pharmacist, i can at least attest to its effectiveness against ringworm (thanks, dog). i have heard it to be used on psoriasis, excema, sores, pimples, rosacea. not a cure-all, but it does help with the symptoms of the afore-mentioned.

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Maggie Says:

I also agree on the effectiveness of this combination of meds, my son suffered from Eczema since he was a baby after trying tons of prescribed creams finally someone a new found this stuff, it was a miracle! He still gets occasional breakouts but I just apply the cream and the next day it’s gone!

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Jesse Says:

I live in Houston tx and I wanted too know if I could buy it here

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chris Says:

you can get Barmicil at the fleamarket.

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i have GELMICIN METAMETASONA CLOTRIMAZOL GENTAMICINA CREMA 40g and i want to know if i could use it in my vaginal infections help please

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jamie nicolson Says:

how can i purchase barmicil compuesto creme in the uk

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leec Says:

I agree...after 3 dr.s & 4 different treatments in the US, we got this in Mexico & it clears up my son's exzema in just seems to work like magic!!!

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samantha Says:

i am desperate for the cream.
do you have any available please.
i'm in the usa.

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Jaime T. Says:

i would like to try this product, is there any one who can buy it for me. i live in chicago IL. i been reading about Barmicil 30 g and and i hope it will treat the bumps on the back of my head. can anyone please help thanks.

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Edna Says:

Could this also be used for a boil?

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karen Says:

I was born with eczema , which the doctor said was going to go away when I got older. It didn't. I've used all the creams they gave me, I even went to a dermatologist but that didn't help. But the other day my mother asked for Barmicil Compuesto at a local Hispanic store , the owner told her that they keep the cream hidden because its something that the doctors do not prescribe & its hard to get. She got it for $10

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Lee C Says:

After talking with a specialist here, the US, he warned me NOT to use it more than 2 weeks at a will thin the skin where used, it does contain steriods.

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Tony Says:

I used this cream on those skin tag that you get on your neck and it cleared it up. This cream is magical.

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Deede Says:

Can I use barmicil on breast break out?

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Kelsey Says:

I'm very desperate for Barmicil Compuesto cream! Please let me know where I can find some tubes. I am in the U.S.

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