Baclofen Vs Soma

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I have been takeing soma for muscle spasms for a while know. Another doctor wanted me to try Baclofen 20mg. I found that the Baclofen made me feel a little strange and dopey. The Soma does not. I do like to take the Baclofen at night instead of Soma as it makes me very sleepy and does help me sleep better and longer. I like the Soma for dureing the day because it does not make me sleepy and can function better. When my body feels tired I experience more pain and spasm,hence the Baclofen when need to sleep. Hope this helps

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Verwon Says:

It is normal for medications to work differently, for different people. Sometimes, when your doctor wants you to try something different, you have to give it a go, for a few weeks and then just let them know if it has bad effects or doesn't work as well for you. This is true of any medication.

These are both muscle relaxants, so the side effect profile is similar for both and may include: nausea, drowsiness, headache and dizziness.



Thanks for the informative post!

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Aaron Says:

My Dr. changed my soma to baclofen, Im not happy with the change but my Dr. Said its due to stupid DEA getting involved in meds that the Drs. are prescribing. I think the goverment needs to let the Drs. do there job.

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Slick Says:

Balcofen was safer but not better than Soma,
My doc switched me to Balcofen cuz I was blacking out on soma and also abusing them...

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Bipie Says:

I was prescribed baclofen (fusion L3-S1 with roghzinski instruments) and it CAUSES my muscles to cramp in feet legs sides upper back but does nothing to relieve spasms in lower back around instruments. My dr says this is impossible. But I am the one with the muscle cramps starting in one muscle and spreading to other muscles until my whole leg and/or trunk is one giant agonizing cramp. How can this be happening if it's impossible? I am also on oxy 7.5 tid and GABA 300 tid prn

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Speedy Says:

Same results as you I felt like I was trapped in a bubble with Baclofen. Horrible med!!

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