Baclofen For Anxiety

adam Says:

although been away, sort of from addiction to substances for a few years,suffer from dreadful anxiety.has anyone ever successfully turned their lives around as far as anxiety is concerned with this drug,please?!

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Verwon Says:

What has your doctor advised you to use?

Baclofen can have some calming effects, but it is really a muscle relaxant, so it isn't likely to completely treat anxiety.


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adam Says:

hi thanks for reply,psychiatrist is a leading doctor in the treatment of addiction/anxiety,and is taking me up to a 100mg a day,he professed to having had large successes in anxiety reduction in the use of this drug.have seen many stories of people going to much higher doses,where they reach a 'switch off' point for all addictions. it was a book, The End of My Addiction | Olivier Ameisen, MD, that started me on this journey.cheers adam

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FlickFlack Says:

I tried. More than 80 mg did no good. Messed up my sleep (could not sleep more than 3, 4 hrs per night), and there was strong rebound anxiety, whenever the Baclofen level dropped below a certain threshold, usually about 4 hrs after the previous dose. On the other hand, too much Baclofen reduced concentration, and caused daytime sleepiness.
50mg/d Baclofen appears to be the sweet spot for me. I cannot feel any effect of the drug, except my muscles being more relaxed and with somewhat reduced anxiety.
In any case, do not expect miracles.
What really helped me, was a combo of Rhodiola and s-adenosyl methionine -that works quite amazingly against my anxiety. I feel strong and confident on it.

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Cosgringo Says:

Baclofen is used for alcholism by some doctors.

I take it at 240mg per day. It took a while to get to there. SE's? Yes a lot of them but it worked for me. I lost the desire to drink.

It also helped me with my anxiety which I attribute to part of the reason I drank. You may need to go much higher than 100mg but everyone is different.

It is nice that you have a doctor willing to even go over 80mg.

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mario Says:

im taking Baclofen too, now on 100mg/day... i already reduce my daily alcohol intake from 200mg/day to 75mg/day...

BACLOFEN WORKS WELL (until now to limit the damage) and much better than other therapies i've tried before...!!! but the patent already expired long time agao and the pharma world is not interested on it... more news soon!

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Slick Says:

Yes, Balcofen made me feel more Alive, and with a better attitude. I'm talking to people more and going out.

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P Rogers Says:

First congrats on your sobriety! I'm also celebrating 14 years sober and take medicine for pain and anxiety and I'm able to take it only as prescribed and thanks to trusting Doctor and Bill W , no urges to drink in years. I know I treated my anxiety with alcohol because I was young and doctors didn't believe I had anxiety in my early twenties?!
Anxiety can be paralyzing I know.
Ativan works great for my anxiety and Baclofen I'm taking for spinal pain.
I prefer soma but recently soma studies show it's risky for people taking anxiety meds ?
Really really congrats on sobriety!! Makes me happy to see people that beat that so hard to beat disease of alcoholism.
Anxiety I think causes more people to self medicate than anything else. Glad u found relief

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Natural Anonymous Says:

Ativan, Soma, and Baclofen. That is a nice cocktail of meds. Those are some powerful drugs, just be careful mixing them. It's great you no longer drink, just please keep in mind adding alcohol into that mix could really be lethal. All 3 have abuse potential and 2 are controlled substances. You sound like you have things under control, just stay vigilant on keeping doses low and never picking up that first drink. Congrats and take care.

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