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lizzy Says:

I am looking for fiorinal in tablet form ,,the manufacture has on backorder to be determined,,the capsules do not work for me,,nor does fiorcet..any suggestions to find ,,would be appreciated

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Lizzy! How are you?

I'm sorry, but unfortunately, there's nothing to be done, until the backorder is resolved.

Learn more Fiorinal details here.

What type of problem do you have with the capsules?

Have you talked to your doctor to see if there is an alternative medication you can take in the meantime?

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lizzy Says:

yeah evidently there is no alternative medication,,the capsules dont work for me ,,i have issues with other medications in capsule forms as well..I tried opening and adding to food as others have suggested,,but then i get reflux ,,i have zero issues with the tablets,,and i no longer have to take my siezure medicine scince taking the fioronal,,so its been a great deal of help only having to take 1 medication that covers migraines and siezures

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Nancy Says:

I am so relieved to hear that others also can't find relief from capsules. I am looking on the web for a prescription for capsules. Has anyone called Novartis to find out what/how zoo the problem issues can be resolved?

Each month I have to call 20-30 pharmacies to fine a pharm that has the tablets. I have driven 30-40 miles to get them. What a pain in the a**!!

Does anyone know of an internet-based pharm w/ no prescript? My doctor is VERY strict an dwill only prescribe 30 for a month, even though I get migraines for about 10-12 days per month. Another pain in the ....

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Craig Says:

I am from southern Ontario where we are basically lucky to get Fiorinol plain or 1/4 grain or 1/2 grain at all. My preference is plain (no codeine) in a tablet not a capsule and most definitely generic. All I can get is brand name up here in capsule and it is vey expensive compared to generic. Not been able to get generic Ina year or so

If anyone has any factual information on the fiorinol situation please email me. I am highly suspect this drug is going to be discontinued but this is just my thought nothing factual

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lizzy Says:

I would hope that they are not going to discontinue as there are no equal alternatives to this medication..I have talked to doctors who seem to be 1 extreme or the other on their stance on fioronal((I take the plain as well)) either the dr says its a horrible rx to be taking or they are absolutly fine with it..this medication has been around forever and given that ive been on probably 20 that have been recalled..i would rather stick with this that works and not have to take several medications a day that make me feel drugged
I am glad that Im not the only one who the tablets work for opposed to the capsules,,because every pharmacist acts like i am making it up.
And what makes no sense is the fiorocet is not an issue to get and the only difference is fioronal has asprin in it,,which is the 1 that works for me..
I hope that this is resolved soon..I havent called west ward this month to see if they updated their status..but will let everyone know when i talk to them, I hope things turn around for you in your area

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Bonnie Says:

I have been waiting 2 years for the Brand name, I'm using the genric brand but it does not as well or just doesn't work at all. What happened to Watson who use to manufacture this medication. My migraine's are unbearable! !!

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Peg Says:

Last year, 2016, my Dr. told me Fiornal/cet were on a list of drugs to be discontinued but I just talked to my Pharmacist who knows nothing of it after looking into it. HHmmm! I can't live a normal life without this medication. I've been on it for close to 25 years for my "daily headaches" and migraines. Since I turned 50 my headaches have gotten better but when I need this medication, I need only this and this will do! 2 capsules of plain old Fiornal. Can't take tylenol anymore so switched from fiorcet which worked fine for me too.

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