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lovely Says:

has anyone tried bethel nutritional's pills b-thinner or bethel plus...i've taken bethel s30 in the past and LOVED them i also tried just bethel 30 (when they changed the name) but i see they have neither one.... i am having a hard time lossing weight and was looking for another great pill i can use while i also work out ...any info or something just as great as the 1st bethel s30 would be awesome !! thank you !!

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David Says:

Hi lovely,

I don't have any personal experience with bethel's weight loss products, but when it comes to weight loss in general, the best advice I can offer is that it really depends on how strong your deep inner desire is to lose the weight. You have to literally have a burning desire to lose weight and take action each and everyday that supports your new way of thinking (even if it's just eating smaller portions, opting for a healthier diet, or taking a quick stroll around a local park).

Workout just a little bit each day if that's what you have to do to get started and on some sort of routine. The more you support your efforts on getting up and working out, the more you'll notice that it just becomes a daily habit without thinking twice about it. Granted, it may take a while to get to that point, but when it comes you'll know it and you wont need to rely on any type of pills for the rest of your life.

I've been there in a similar predicament a few years back, trying to shed that extra weight, and I just want to share the type of mindset that helped me stay in great shape.

I hope this advice helps and wish you the best in reaching your weight loss goals!

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Tia Says:

Thank you very much, it's hard when you hate what you see in the mirror but I had a daily routine about a year ago ... That was the best I ever looked but it's going to be such a struggle since it's been way to long since I worked out but I signed up for a gym, that was my 1st step .... The 1st few weeks are the worst :/ but I've completely let myself go ... I weight 164 smh my perfect weight is around 135 ...I gotta long way to go but wish me luck!! Thank you again !!

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