Azoran, Betnesol Forte

BMac Says:

My age is 52 years and living in India.
I've nodular leichen on my legs and abdomen from past 2 years. Treatment i was suggested was pulse therapy but after few months, i developed diarrhoea and admitted to the ICU and doctor suggested me to stop pulse therapy and i changed my dermatologist and he started my treatment with oral medicine azoran and betnesol forte and topical ointment zincoderm-g but now the ointment changed to topisal 3% and the leichen are small and shows improvements but still at some parts raised and it's been four months that I'm talking this treatment. Now recently I've diagnosed with grade 2 fatty liver and conc. LVH, dilated mpa and my EF is 55% and diastolic dysfunction grade1 and having mild pleural thickening and taking medicine theo asthalin, ebast m and rabium dsr. Is all this because of my long term treatment of these leichen nodules.

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