Avalox/contact Sports?


My thirteen year old son(140 lbs) had a strong bacterial infection involving his salivary glands. His face was very swollen. In order to avoid hospitalization(IV), the doctor prescribed avalox. He finished it 2 days ago. When is it safe to return to bball(his passion) w/out risk to his tendons?This is his life and he is distraught. He is an integral part of 2 teams, but we obviously do not want to compromise his health.

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I suggest speaking to his doctor about this, that way you will get advice on the safest time frame.

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i am a 57 y/o female with polycyctic kidney disease post transplant jul 5 2000 and i have been on predisone ever since. ER dr. put me on Avelox for severe sinusitis going into pneumonia a few days ago . i am very concerned about by tendons as i am very active 8 hours a day walking bending , lifting and so in retail (Walmart). Was this drug choice a wise one by the nurse practitioner and my pharmacist. Shouldn't one or both of them present me with the contraindication... very concerned

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Avelox and the class of antibiotics that it is in are known as Quinolone Antibiotics. The Quinolones have a long history of damaging effects on cartilage and tendon, and are contraindicated for use in children who have are not fully grown. It seems like this is a grave error on the part of your doctor and you should question him to see if there are better alternatives that could avoid the very rare but potentially damaging Avelox Side Effects that could be experienced.

Kerri Knox, RN
San Francisco, CA, United States

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