Atenolol Small Round Orange Tablets/ Film Coated

Cynthia Says:

I have been taking Totamol(Atenonol) for quite a number of years now. I switched a couple of times to other medicines to treat my high blood pressure due to serious and numerous side effects. Once again on the Atenolol 50mg, daily and amlodipine, 5mg, blue round pill. The combination of these two pills is shedding my hair excessively. I am a 57 year old black woman and this is very traumatic for me. As I live in the Caribbean, my GP, does not take any interest in my complaint regarding my hair loss. At the moment I have a boyish crew cut, which makes me look very manly and unattractive. This has led to me feeling depressed at times, because I know that doctors here don,t see this as a problem especially at my age. Can you please recommend those blood pressure pills that do not have hair loss at the side effect that I may suggest to my doctor to try. I really do need help. Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Cynthia! How are you? I am so sorry about the problems you're having. I've had similar adventures with blood pressure medications and it took quite awhile to find ones that worked well for me, without making me miserable.

I'm not sure what all medications are available there, but 2 that you can ask your doctor about that are known to cause less side effects are Labetalol and Carvedilol.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Anna Says:

I've been on Atenolol for 38 years. I had to go from 25mg. To 50 mg. Then to 75 mg. When I went to 50 mg. My hair was thinning a lot. But when I went to 75 mg. I lost t all of my hair . I really need this medicine because my haeart beat is too fast. Especially after eating. So I wanted you to know this information. I wear wigs now. It has broken my heart but I have no choice. I need that med.

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