Are The Mylan 2mg Same As Xanax

christy77 Says:

need to know are mylan white round pill same as xanax

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Verwon Says:

Mylan is a pharmaceutical manufacturer and they make many different generic medications that are white and round.

Thus, I have to ask what are the markings on the tablet in question?

This information is what would enable me to answer your question.


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Kyle Says:

Do you people even type the pill info into google anymore...

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Minoguesque Says:

Mylan A4 white pill made in USA contains alprazolam but certainly nowhere near 2mg as claimed on packaging.
So the answer is no, they are NOT the same as Xanax, which contain precisely 2mg per bar shaped tablet with three score markings and imprint 'U94' or 'XANAX' obverse with large '2' reverse (latter only in the USA, former worldwide).
Mylan alprazolam made in Europe and South Africa are light blue ovoid shaped tablets with no imprint which are actually the former Merck alprazolam, bought over by the far smaller Mylan company a couple of years ago. They are vastly superior to the U.S. version.

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tess Says:

I recently received some mylan 1mg, pale blue with no score marks or any imprint... vendor is highly regarded and comes from South Africa.. had a bad experience before with another IOP/fake pills so am trying to find out more about these.. Is it true that there are no identifiers on the mylan xanax from SA?

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Trust me Says:

Yes, I get the same ones pale as like just dusted with baby blue powder in SA, but I would not tell anyone.

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tess Says:

thank you :) appreciate your reply.

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ann Says:

gg249 and mylan a4 are the same xanax. They send these every other time i go to rite aid.

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Cc Says:

Thick white round pill with mylanA4 on it extended release?

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Cc Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Are modeling A4 alprazan's extended release pills

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EDDY Says:

Re: Cc (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

No they are not

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