Are 30mg Adderall Pills Orange And Have M A30 Imprints

weasel68 Says:

Do orange 30 mg Adderall round pills have M A30 imprints on them?

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Heather Says:

Yes, it's the new mylan Adderall 30mg.

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David Says:

Heather is right, Mylan Pharmaceuticals does make these. I just wanted to clarify that they're reported to be a "generic version" of Adderall 30mg, containing Amphetamine + Dextroamphetamine.

For verification, Mylan shows a photograph of it on page 4 of their prescription pamphlet linked below:

Does anyone know how new these are? It's actually the first I've heard of them.

Hope this helps!

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Lo Says:

Nope, never heard of Mylan. Has anyone tried it that's also been on Sandoz Brand? I have been on the Sandoz Brand of Adderall 30 mgs orange tablets. I called Sandoz today and was told that its still on back order. Rep said although they do not have a specific release date they maybe be their by the end of this week. I hope so because I tried the Teva Brand same mg/color tab and It gave me massive headache every time I took one. So, I called my Doc & received another script after about 7 days of being on the Teva Brand IR for Adderall XR. I started off on 20 mgs XR in 07 switched over to generics in 09 due to Florida insurance not covering XR during the time I lived out there. Since I was paying out of pocket I tried the generic and was pleased with results. Then when this back order bs happened I figured XR wld hold me over in the mean time, nope to no avail. Although its not giving me headaches its keeping my mind up at night am in n out of sleep. I sincerely think that the Brands of Adderall that are currently available are missing an active ingredient. How is it that the generic from sandoz still works like a charm after 7 years yet these other 2 did not give me any "Umph" am aggravated & not as productive as I would normally be. I filed a complaint with the FDA & Teva. I actually received a response from both via email.

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ktbean10 Says:

Yes, it's a new generic Adderall...and it's terrible! I been taking 30mg, 3x a day for over 8 years and I got these this month from CVS. I feel like I haven't taken anything...constantly tired and moody. It's absolutely awful. But I know the effectiveness varies from person to person when it comes to medication...hopefully they'll work better for you.

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Beetle Says:

I got them this month and they suck! Im trying the bright pink ones by core circle 30 mgs. I hope they are good cause im running out of manufacturers, colors, name brands, and markings. Im bipolar and on 2 meds for that, i have chronic back pain where my 1st. husband broke my 3 disks in the lower lumbar part of my back, so im on oxycodone 5 mgs. 4xs a day and 15 mgs. of oxycontin 2xs a day, and 15 mgs. of valium 1x a day, and i just started menopause so 6 different kinds of meds for everything in the world and 1000mcgs. of calcium. Now my adderall 30 mgs. is making me sleep all day and night, i take it 2xs a day, does no good , im irritable, moody, depressed, sleepy, isolating from everyone and everything, im so lonely, im missing Drs. Apts. sleeping. I dont know what to do. Help someone please. I cant concentrate to read or nothing.

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ktbean10 Says:

I have no issues with the pink ones and the oval orange seems as if they're the only ones that work for me. But that's just me. You should be ok with those. I know the feelings that you're having all too well. There's not much you can do unless you catch it before you leave the pharmacy...once you walk out the door with your pills, they're yours. Try taking some Rolaids (not Tums) about 30 mins before you take your dose. Hope it gets better for you.

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Trina Says:

Beetle I completely agree. I have had the Costco brand there white 30 milligram their kind of mushy and they break really easily. They're not the best but they are so much better than these new ones that I've never seen before that I just purchased from CVS; the orange peach colored round tablet that has m a30 imprinted on them and I absolutely feel like I have taken nothing so I'm going to call CVS today and see if they have another manufacturers type there even if it costs more because I've had the oval peach ones which were the best. I've had the pink round ones from CVS which actually worked pretty good as well and then I've had the ones from Costco and there just smush, you can't break them in half because normally I take 15 milligrams in the morning and 15 in the afternoon and this morning I took a 30 milligram tablet went back to bed slept for an hour which normally I take the medication before I go to or when I wake up and then go back to bed for about 15 minutes until my medicine to kick in and I feel okay to get up and this morning I slept for an hour and all I have had is 45 milligrams because when I got up I still feel extremely tired and unfocused and so I took another half and I still feel as though I have taken nothing so I am almost convinced that this medication and that I just paid for has absolutely nothing in it and it's supposed to be a placebo effect. Well that doesn't work on me so I am planning on contacting CVS and I'm so glad that I found a couple of postings on this that other people including yourself felt exactly the same way, because I can't concentrate I can't do my job, I can't focus, I can't do what I need to do in my daily life with a medication that I feel like does not even have any medication in it. So thank you so much for your posting, I really appreciate it.

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Shelly Says:

They are not working.I'm contacting Fra I need my meds

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Kk Says:

Milan is a Drug Company they are trying to make pills at a more reasonable price for people but not generic they're just as good as the other ones you are getting. Milan makes several different types of drugs

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Heidi Says:

I hate to tell you but I severely doubt that the adderall is making u sleepy. I was a severe pill user for years because of a severe car accident where I shattered my hip pelvis acetabulum n Lt femur. If u need to take adderall it will make u focus and usually calm you down enough and even make u tired. If you do not need adderall it's basically legal speed. Now you are sleepy bc you are on a serious amount of opiates/narcotics. Yes I get it you will probably say they are prescribed by a doctor and u desperately need them. But to take oxycodone and oxycontin and Valium!!! Wtf do u really think is making you tired and sleepy all day?!?! Come on wake up. After I realized I was addicted bc I thought I needed them for my pain, yet once I got off them I realized I can deal with the pain. And I have metal in my hip n pelvis n many other things that I'd rather take a Tylenol for than pain meds bc in all reality Tylenol works better. Oxys don't take pain away. They just f*** you up so u think u don't have pain. So I don't feel bad about your inability to be awake all day. Get a clue. Ur hooked on pills.

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Tre6chamberz Says:

Really? lol Mylan sucks ass. I can tell the difference when I take a Mylan klonopin and a Teva kolonopin, MAJOR difference. Same with the adderrall. These work for two hours tops then you just feel depressed isolated and s***ty.. Also stay away from AUROBINO adderall "U 31 cross on back" - they aren't adderall, they can't be. They're the worst brand I've ever taken hands down. Got em at cvs..

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Tre6chamberz Says:

Feels like I get a good batch or a bad batch. Nothing in between. I do like the M a30 mylans. Compared to teva they're way better. The teva ones used to be great, now they're basically a placebo when I take em. Idk this s*** needs to stop because these pharmacies especially CVS are f***ing with our bodies and screwing us up every dam month and it's irritating. I hope we can all band together and get our voices heard.

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Brenda Says:

Re: Heidi (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

To Heidi, I know I'm a little late to the party, but good for you for standing up and being honest about your issues. And for calling out this 'Beetle lady and giving her a big heaping dose of reality. When I first read her message, I was thinking the very same things that you said. Way to go!! Hopefully, I pray, she gets the help she needs. It's sounds to me like pills of any kind are what her whole life is about. She is going to have a long road to go in recovery. I hope your days stays clean and your life stays blessed. Much love, from one recovering addict to another!! Sincerely, Brenda

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Blueyes Says:

Re: Beetle (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

It's because of the other meds, especially the oxycontin. After taking this my Adderall didn't work anymore and they did the reverse affect in me and made me sleep.

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Anon Says:

Re: Brenda (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I don't take pain meds of any type and my Adderalls are making me extremely sleepy! There are some "BIG" problems with many generics in this country right now. They are either extremely diluted or completely counterfeit! Brenda, you are either some shill for a pharmaceutical company who is importing cheap, diluted counterfeit drugs and rebranding them as their own or you just have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. If it is the latter, I just filled you in, so there is your little DOSE OF REALITY.

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Justin Says:

Re: Anon (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Ignore's like they mean well, but they've decided who you are and what you are and what you need and how you're wrong based on, like, a paragraph. Misunderstandings and self-righteousness, everyone always thinks they're right but they're not listening and there's always more to the story and it's dangerous to dismiss someone's reality or opinion. So let them think that by calling you out, they're martyrs or something who have some game they play online called "Where's (Addict) Waldo?" so they can spot an addict with barely any evidence and shame them on a message board when that person is already suffering. Damn, humans love power in whatever form they can get it.

Meanwhile they're boasting about how they're recovering addicts, and posting on an Adderall forum. Cool.

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Nikki Says:

Does the white adderall 30 mg work as well as the orange? I’ve been given them now and I’m not ever seen these before .

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