Apo Sulfatrim Ds 800 160 Mg

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Can u take a morphine tablet with apo-sulfatrim?

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Verwon Says:

Sulfamethoxazole with Trimethoprim is an antibiotic and Morphine is a narcotic analgesic.

They can be safely used together, but you may experience some heightened side effects, such as: drowsiness, nausea, skin rash and dry mouth.

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Can I drink alchol with this drug?

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sarah Says:

when I picked up this presription, I asked the Chemist about my drinking wine, she said it is ok.. moderate portions off course.

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Julia Says:

Is it harmful to take Apo-Sulfatrim-DS 800 160 for 1 or 2 days and then stop because you feel better?

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rachel Says:

why im i not aloud out in the sun for what reasons and what will happen if i do STAY in or outside for one to two hours.Inderect sun light ..

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Lisa Says:

I was perscribed Apo Sulfatrim Ds 800 160 mg because of a bladder infection. I took this drug for 10 days. It has been 24 hrs since the last pill I had to take. How long will it take for my itchy rash to go away, and how long can I wait to be ok for alcohol and to be ok in the sun?

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slynn Says:

Is it safe to take a midol pill for period pain while on Apo- sulfatrim DS 800 160 mg ?

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nyfan1989 Says:

i am on apo-sulfatrimds and my friend is coming down and were supposed to drink is it safe to drink while i take this medication

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Margerita Says:

Can this medication harm your gam lips and lower jaw ... can you please answer me ...it can go by it self ..thank you so much ...

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Anton Says:

it's not that its harmful. the issue is that it helps create super bugs. the symptoms of your infection may be gone but there is still active bacteria in you that will become further immune to antibiotics because of the minimal 2 day exposure to the drug.

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Photo guy Says:

I have finished my one week prescribed use of one tablet a day of Apo Sulfatrim. For how long will this drug stay in my body, preventing exposure to the sun (due to increased photosensitivity)?

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Jan Says:

How long do i wait to see if it is working i have taken twice a day for to days for ear infection. Pain better but still discharge.

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