Any Withdrawal Symptoms From Symbicort

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Lucy Says:

I have been on symbicort for 3 years. I would like to get off it as my asthma is manageable...Are there any physical withdrawals to worry about?

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Lucy Says:

I also have questions on drug interaction with hydrocodone 5/500...If anyone would like to discuss this with me, please respond.

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Verwon Says:

Symbicort contains Budesonide and Formoterol.

Anytime you have been on a medication for a prolonged period of time, your body will become dependent on it and you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. The most dangerous that you will have to watch out for are rebound bronchospasms and asthma attacks.



And what medications would you like to check for with the Vicodin? If you can post back with what you are concerned about, I will gladly check for you.

There are no listed interactions between it and the Symbicort. Though it is always advisable to double check such information with your doctor or pharmacist.


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Lucy Says:

thank you so much for your prompt reply. I am a senior 65 years old and have been on both meds for quite awhile prescribed from my dr. (need knee replacement surgery) and am asthmatic. I am also on Lexapro 20 mg. for 5 years. I would like to attempt to wean myself off Lexapro.
Would that mean taking a pill every other day, then every two days, etc. thank you again.

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Verwon Says:

Very welcome!

Actually to wean yourself off of it, you would still take it every day, but you'd gradually lower the dosage.

It is very important to do so with this one, since it contains Escitalopram, which is an SSRI antidepressant. If you try to come off of it too fast, your brain doesn't have a chance to rebalance the Seratonin on its own and you could suffer rebound effects, which could be worse than the symptoms that you started taking it to treat.

Usually this would mean going down to 15mgs for about 2 weeks, then to 10mgs and etc.


Have you discussed this with your doctor?

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Lucy Says:

not yet. my doctor is in another town and i have to get another PCP according to Medicare as of June. I am seeing my neurologist in June in NY and will discuss this with him. I want to thank you so much for your input and taking the time to make a senior citizen with too many ailments a little wiser. I worked as a medical receptionist for 25 years but never did i think this far ahead !! thank you again. i hope you will reply if i have any other questions before June.TJLD

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Verwon Says:

Lucy, you're very welcome. I'm happy to help and will gladly continue to do so, just make a post! You can use this one or start a new one.

If you're having trouble finding anything or it seems that a post isn't getting a response, I can also be reached at

I always check that one several times a day!

Hope everything works out well for you!

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peggy Says:

I'm also interested in getting off symbicort, what would be the best and safest way to do it? It's affected my voice really bad, been on it for a couple of years.

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Lucy Says:

i seem to have experienced the same symptons as you are now. i have been on symbicort for 3 years and for some reason the doctor feels i should remain on it longer.
i don't see the need if my asthma is manageable and under control now. I will see the dr. soon and post his reply for you to read. hope i can help you.

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Steven Whitehouse Says:

For your attention.

I was on Symicort for approx 2 years following a significant worsening of my symptons at the age of 25 years. Up until approx 1 month ago I was taking 4 puffs a day, as well as singular in the evening. As you might expect, I was keen to reduce my dependency but every time I did so things seemed to get worse. Through on-going research I came about Buteyko, which I have been practicing for 4 weeks. As a direct result I have stopped the use of Symicort but introduced Pulmicort (400 2 puffs a day). Things have steadily improved and I am on the verge of partaking in the level of exercise I could handle whilst using Symicort (approx 20 miles running per week). So, in short, disuses with your doc an appropriate steroid replacement and drop symicort. The first couple of week are pretty rubbish to be honest but things get much better. Re introduce ventolin or have the odd puff on symicort if things get bad. Remember the importance of ensure inflimation is controlled – for that reason, a steroid inhaler is essential. Think also about GERD and post-nasal drip. There is a significant link between asthma-gerd-PND: GERD travels up the up worsening asthma and PND, which in turn travels down and worsens asthma – it’s a vicious cycle. If you have GERD, get it under control – this will improve your asthma significantly. A clear symptom of GERD is throat clearing. Take control of your asthma - Buteyko is great….

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Greg Says:

What is the safest turbohaler for asthmatic that does not have side effects?

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Momeganamamma Says:

I have been on symbicort for a couple of months. Prior to that I was taking Advair. I am also on Spirva and albuetrol inhalation for nebulizer. Since symbicort, I have gained weight, having muscle cramps, and generally just don't feel well, tired all the time. I would like to get off of symbicort, but how can I do so safely? And what is a good substitute? I see if you have iodine and sulfa allergies (which I have both), you shouldn't be taking Symbicort anyway. Did the doctor not look at my records?

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Johnny Boy Says:

Interesting questions.

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220fox Says:

I have used hydrocodone 10/325 for 3 years for chronic pain from 2 auto accidents. Have used Symbicort 160/4.5 since last June.
the only problems are with Symbicort. when I discontinued my complaints of not sleeping but for short periods ceased. 4 hours last night and dreamed! Started losing weight and food tasted metallic. Shortness of breadth stopped?? Eating or appetite is back. MD has not returned my calls???

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Duffy Says:

I got down to 1 puff a day. After a few years, tried to stop. No breakthing problems but after a week horrible joint pains. Back on Symbicort but now doing 1 puff a day for 2 days, skip a day, etc. Will then do every other day.

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Lung power Says:
via mobile

Hi- I have had asthma for about 17yrs. I have been on symbicort for approx 4-5 years and Advair before that- I take ventolin and atrovent regularly... However, I recently went gluten free. And no red meat limited dairy and low anti inflammatory foods... All can be researched...
I am not taking my symbicort for first time tonight. I ran 2 miles in 17 min. Today 1st mile 9:30 second mile 7:30- no symbicort... Just a puff or two of ventolin. Not bragging- have not done that since my 30s now 46- This new diet is working for me- I hope some one who reads this may help them. Good luck God bless. Air is taken for granted until you can't breath... I feel so healthy!!! First time in about 17yts of dealing with this non sense- mainly diet related. But, ask your doctor first before try anything- Take care-

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nancy Says:

I had been on Symbicort for years and got down to 1 puff a day because I was always hoarse. Tried to get off but I had very bad joint pains and tiredness - felt like I was 100 years old - so got back on. On my second time trying to get off. I find I can go around 3 days and then need 1 puff. Tried breathing techniques and oils but find they don't give much relief - not even placibo effect. Carefully tracking how long I can go without a puff. Also trying to eat less - which also helps.

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Lung power Says:
via mobile

Hi I've been off symbicort now for 3 mos. I still have no need for the steroid! Diet alone improved my s/s 60%!!
I did have a reaction (i believe ) to sudden withdrawal from symbicort. I had mental confusion, short term memory loss, speech impairment- studdering/speech impairment, and an inability to cope with stress.
It is my understanding that steroids affect cortisol levels and cortisol affects mood and emotion.
So a non scientific warning- do not abruptly stop any medication (symbicort) without consulting your DR.
Whoops I made a huge mistake, but any negative side affect has resolved itself. I am very healthy! I run 15-20 miles per wk. I can run a 7 min mile...
Try looking into food allergies, especially gluten or wheat. I had No idea I was sensitive to wheat (GMOs have affected our health)
God speed and good luck,
Happy breathing to u and yours,
Lung power

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Jody Says:

I've been on one puff a day of Symbicort for years and had no real complaint, but then got to wondering if I even needed it anymore after noting to a friend I'd gone probably 20 years without an asthma attack. I began weaning myself off about 3 months ago, first going to a puff every other day, then one time a week when I went two days in between, now two days between each puff. Taking it slow, giving each new change 3-4 weeks, will see if I can get off it entirely in time. I found the psychological stuff the trickiest - on a day when I was skipping, I would get fearful that I MIGHT get wheezy, even though I wasn't. That seems to have passed now. I am surprised at how different I'm starting to feel in my body - less thick is the only way I can describe it. I tried to get off inhaled steroids years ago and went too fast, so this time I am going super-slow. So far so good!

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Tigerink Says:
via mobile

Thank you for sharing. I ran out of symbicort. I thought no big deal I'll get it in a few days when I get home. I felt severe tiredness, confusion, anxiety, and very irritable. Took the symbicort and it went away shortly after. I wish I had known.

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tony Says:
via mobile

Here is my honest experience :

I am 42 year old male. Asthma all my life. On Ventolin and pulmicourt until I was 23.

At 23 I was put on Symbicort 200 / 6. For the first time in my life I could breathe. I could also eat better. I had always ran to keep fit but with Symbicort I could keep running and got fitter and fitter. At 23 I stopped Ventolin and all other meds completely. Now I was just on Symbicort.

It has changed my life for the better. Over the years I have had to learn how to "work" with the drug. Taking this first thing in the morning is like having 5 cups of extra stong coffee! Therefore your mind is racing, you can be snappy with others and a little short with others - because you are essentially hyper.

I needed to run to work off the excess energy otherwise I could have snapped with friends / co workers.

So. I am slim and Asthma is under control right?

Well here are some of the minor problems :

1. Moon face. It's going to happen. Get over it and run / do sport / dance. No never feel full on this drug so move or you will become fat!

2. Head fuzz. If you don't excersize to clear your head this can become a problem.

3. Hair loss. If you take too much. Abdominal fat also if you abuse and take too much.

4. If you try to come off this - you will feel like 100 years old.

Long and short - don't abuse this gift. Keep healthy, eat healthy, excersize, don't abuse your body with drugs and alcohol if over 30 years. Make this drug work for you - I haven't had an attack since 1996.

Don't take this medicine for granted - don't up the dose unless your doctor recommends.

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