Any Side Effects Of The Rocephin Shot

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I have had bad pain in the upper part of my leg and my hip since I got the rocephin shot. My leg got so sore about 2 hours after the shot, that I could barly walk on it. Now it hurts constantly and it catches and shots pain at where I sit down and stand up. I can hardly walk on my leg. I am wondering is this suppose to happen after this shot. I didn't have this before.

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Roy Says:

Soreness, swelling, pain, and redness are possible side effects of getting a Rocephin shot. When exactly did you get the shot? Was it earlier today? Either way, if the pain persists or worsens i would highly recommend that you notify your doctor. Individuals with allergies to antibiotics may also be adversely affected. I would say monitor how you feel, and don't wait too long to place a phone call. Please post back if you have any details to add. It would be helpful to know what ends up happening.

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evergreen Says:

I got this shot a week ago tomorrow.

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Roy Says:

Wow, that sounds like an adverse reaction to me. I would definitely make it a priority to contact the doctor who gave you the shot asap. One or two days, okay, but if you're still dealing with considerable pain after six days then it's worth looking into. Wishing you the best with this, and please post back to let us all know what ends up happening. I'm sure your experience could be helpful for others to know down the road.

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evergreen Says:

Thank you. I will try to get through to the doctor tomorrow. With the week-end coming up, you know how that goes. I will for sure Monday, and yes I will let you know something

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Mom Says:

My 32 year old son received a Rocephin shot and and also an Azythromycin pill. He has had severe pain in both knees ever since. I am a RN and told him to contact the Facility who gave him the shot and the pill. This has been going on for about 3 weeks now.

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domoniques mom Says:

my daughter was dx with pneumonia today and they decided 2 give her a rocephin shot in both legs she can not hardly with out cring and being in severe pain IS THIS NORMAL???

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Joe Says:

My daughter got a rocephin shot at the ER the other night. My son has had a couple of these in the past year and it always hurts during and after the shot and leaves him very stiff and sore around where the shot was given. Our daughter experienced none of that.

What does a rocephin shot look like?

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F*** Docs Says:

I had a uti in fection which was in my kidneys and i went to the hospital 1/27/10 and they ran test on me for stds and other things and told me they were going to give me the Rocephin shot they said it would hurt but go numb in a little while when they gave me the shot it started to hurt and didnt stop and they just picked my left arm with it didnt even take time to look for a vain nothing just popped the top and ramed it in then my left kidney hurt so bad for about 4 days horrible pain i had to take all my pain meds during the 4 days just to make it stop hurting after the kidney hurt the pain went into my arm again in the same spots it hurt the first day they gave me the shot so i called the hospital and they said to come in if it hurts and i said i dont have insurence so im not getting another bill for you to look at it so i wait and in another week the pain was so horrible i couldnt lift my arm at all so i called and said i need info about the shot and how to make the pain stop they told me once again to just come in to the hospital and again i said WTF just tell me how to make it stop so thats when i first googled this web site for help but no answers and if you google it there are no answers anywhere just the same people saying the same thing how they cant walk or they pain is so bad and all that so finally i went into the hospital 02/01/10 and the f***ing doctor comes in tells me whats wrong i said they gave me a shot and its crippled my arm to where i cant move it and they pain has gone into my foot as well it was so swollen i could barley walk he lifts my arm with me trying not to scream and then tells his intern to tell him what he thinks then after he says he dont know the doctor says theres nothing he can do if anything the nurse who gave it to me might have hit a nerve or something and i just have to wait it out!?!?! he proscribe me anti inflamitorys and tells me thats all he can do in my head i was screaming my head off they watched me hobble out the door and now to this day as im right this post one f***ing handed i still am in the same f***ing pain i have two ibuprofens left and am loosing my mind i have not got any good sleep for weeks its been about 5 weeks and im so annoyed with everything im tempted to go postal but im just scared im only 21 years old and never get sick i have been out of work and been in bed everyday i lost 10 pounds because i cant eat as much and all i used to do is go to work come home then go work out with my friend and sleep and do it all over again im so frustraited this is happening to me i write left handed and do alot of stuff with my left hand this is bullsh!t i hate Doctors now and need help i have drank so much water like a gallon and a half a day to try and flush it but nothing i even have cranberry, cranberry-grape, cranberry-pomegrante juices i have been drinking and nothing i havent had milk in 5 weeks and i just need some help SOMEBODY please tell me how they got rid of there pain PLEASE!

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the gardner Says:

I got the Rocephin shot last Thurs. when I went to the doc with sore throat, swollen glands, & a 101 temp. It was given to me in the top of the upper thigh, one that day, and one the next day. I must say, the nurse did a good job giving the shot, as the meds is thick and a big needle is used (it also contained lidocaine). She instructed me to sit for 15 min. and massage the area of the shot, also to see if there were any side effects. Till Sat. evening I felt 95% better, swelling gone and throat feeling good. The doc now has me on Cipro for seven days. This was my first experience with Rocephin. The nurse had experience giving it before, in a large muscle like the top of the thigh or the butt, she said is the best place. I did get a short bout of loose bowels that went away with one dose of amodium. It gets five stars from me.

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jenny Says:

I got a Rocephen shot on my Rt arm .. After the shot I had a big lump on my arm . Like if the medicine didn't go all the way in .. Or the needle was 2 short .. Why did I get that lump and why does it hurt

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Poodle Says:

I got this shot today. Im not so much the one to cry from pain, but this definitely made me cry... Im very sore and I hope i never have to get it again.

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Nina Says:

I recieved the rocephin shot 11/09/ is 11/18/10 and my butt still hurts.....few the last few days I have experience charlie horse in the back of my leg, tightness in my calf and tingling in my foot.....I got nernous yesterday and went to the er. They ruled out blood clots. Is this normal? Please respond, this makes me real nervous!! Thank you

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Corie Says:

I Just Got This Shot Today for Strep.It Has Hurt since I Got IT I Can't Walk ,Sit,Or Stand Without Pain . I'm an EMT And Clueless Bout this. Does Anyone Know Anything That Helps the Pain?

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hispooh91 Says:

so sorry you are still having so much pain. There was a couple things that jumped out at me in your post. You mentioned they didn't take time to look for a vain....rocephin in an intramuscular injection (or by IV).....they would not need to look for a vain, just a large muscle. I have had them in my arms and butt....I prefer the back side, it is a much larger muscle and doesn't get as sore as the arm. It is also possible to hit a nerve, although very small chance. If this is your case, it will heal, but will take time for that nerve to heal.
for you pain, you could alternate your ibuprofen with some tylenol pain reliever....that may help keep it under control. I know when you want the pain to stop, each day feels like a month.....but it will get better.

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blah Says:

i got the shot yesterday for strep throat. I was told it would hurt, however my mom is a nurse and had given the shot before to STD patients and they hadnt had excessive pain. The needle went in and it was a struggle not to scream, they told me that it would feel better if i rubbed it and kept moving it, so i feverishly marched around the room for 15 minutes in severe pain, i tried touching the injection site very gently, but it was way too much pain to take. The pain was getting a little better until we got into the car and I had the worst pain in my life next to kidney stones and i was hardly able to talk because i only wanted to scream, though i have a high pain tollerance. My mother was shocked at the amount of pain I had because she had never run into this before. The nurse injected me with the L-thing mentioned by someone else earlier, not sterile water so i have no idea what caused so much pain, as i am still experiencing bad pain today with advil. i dont know if this helps, but i am curious why it hurt so bad as well, im not lying when i say it hurts worse than broken bones, i was crying for over an hour yesterday

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mother of 3 Says:

I got a shot of rocephin about 2 weeks ago because of an absess in my gums and it hurt so bad the day I got the shot as well as a couple days later. Today, I still have pain in the area where the shot was given and that pain goes up my back. I went to the doctor and told them and they told me not to worry it was just my reaction to the needle because I hate needles. They said I probably tensed up.

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JD0507 Says:

I received the shot in Dec 09, when the nurse gave the shot in my right hip my leg jerked up and out and hurt like no other shot I have ever gotten. This was not my first rocephin shot. The pain never went away and the area got discolored and sank in like a hole on my hip. It kept getting worse, pain in my hip, leg and tingling down to my toes. When I went back to the dr that gave the shot she said I had an allergic reaction and all I could do was see a Cosmetic Surgeon to have something injected into the area that sunk in to give "cushion" to my nerves. I saw Cosmetic Surgeons, Neurologist, Neuro Surgeons, Dermatologist, Orthapedic, Pain Management, you name it I saw them, probably at least 8 different doctors who all said they have never seen anything like this and nothing could be done. The Neuro Surgeons said I had nerve damage to the small nerves in the hip and its like " a needle in a hay stack" to try to find which nerve or nerves are damaged. I have been in therapy three times, I hurt when I do anything that involves moving my hip and working the muscle, driving for any long period of time is awful. Going grocery shopping and trying to push a full basket of groceries causes it to hurt among other things. I still get a shooting pain where the shot was given and its been over two years. I have now caused my spine to curve and have pain down the left side of my body from overcompensating and leaning to the left to stay off of the right. There is still an indenture where the shot was given. I sit at work for 8 hours a day and they say sitting is the worse thing for me. Anything would be helpful at this point from anyone.

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Barbie Says:

I was diagnosed with Pylonephritis(kidney infection),
got an injection of Rocephen in my left vento gluteal muscle. Did not hurt at all. I waited 15 minutes before leaving the office, For the next 36 hours my legs spasmed,they were stiff and hurt so bad I could not walk. My husband had to carry me to the bathroom.It is still sore. I can walk but I am limping.

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Whitney Says:

I got the shot after i was disgnosed with a kidney infection. The next two days were the worst days of my life. I was fine the next day until about 1:00pm then I noticed it really was hurting me to walk so I took a nap. When I woke up I couldn't move from being in so much pain. I am just glad that I grabbed the phone before I went to sleep. Nothing more scary than waking up and being in so much pain that you can't move. The nurse told me it would be sore but nothing like this. I also experienced upset stomach , couldn't eat, and vomiting.

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LaTasha G Says:

I'm replying to all the comments regarding the rocephin shot. I received the rocephin shot on 11/2/2011 in the butt/hip area. The nurse advised it would burn, hurt and that I would some muscle pain the next. She advised me to move around so I wouldn't feel the pain as much. So I did what I was told. I went to sleep and when I woke up I could barely sit up because there was a terrible pain in my lower back. Over the next couple of days the pain in my back got worse. As I would sleep I felt shots of pain hit my back, hip and leg. Mind you I never had these pains before the rocephin shot. I took muscle relaxers, tylenol and other pain pills to try and take the pain away, but nothing helped. As of now I'm still having the pain in my back but now I can't bend over, touch my toes, tie my shoes, pickup the baby or feed the dog, any kind of movement the requires me to have stress on my back hurts to the point where i m crying, I haven't had a good night sleep since 11/2/11. I went back to the doctor after a month of terrible pain to tell them my situation and they did nothing but referred me to a orthopedic doctor and put me on robaxin and prednisone. So I fully do believe that there is a secret about this shot that causes some kind of damage, I'm currently looking into a class action lawsuit. Why? Because after reading this I see not only myself but other also who are having the same problems with this rocephin shot as well. If you would like to partake in this please contact me with your name, address, phone so when I do speak with a lawyer I can include you in on this lawsuit as well. Thank you.

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