Anxiety Attacks What Should I Take

Sandra Says:

I have taken Serax for anxiety attacks, works great but now insurance will no longer cover that medication. They recommend Xanax which I am highly allergic to, or Buspar which I read is mainly for long term use.I need something when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, not something I have to take all day every day.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sandra! How are you?

There are other options, in addition to Xanax and Serax, such as Ativan and Diazepam, both of which work the same way, so you can take them as needed and they are both also available as generics, as well as the name brands.

The issue with them, however, is that they do have the potential to be habit forming, which is why many doctors prefer something such as Buspar, which you take daily to keep anxiety under control, but doesn't have that same risk.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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nurseKellY Says:

Stay away from benzos if you are allergic to Xnanx/alprasolam (so no ativan/lorasapam, valium/diazapam clonapin/clonazapam...pretty much any anti anxiolitic ending in -am, pram, pam, lam...) How about a non-narc like atarax/hydroxazine (please look up spelling/generic names of all if needed, totally from memory). I am an RN ONLY, so please do not take my word-no prescriptive or medical decision making authorities. Atarax is cheap and effective too, I doubt your provider would say no to that. Where do you live? Some reports have shown medicinal MJ helps...

How about instead of pharma, you try CBT/cognitive behavioral therapy. I have experienced bouts of GAD myself, so I may have read some articles here and there, but I'm controlled/managed with a more LT regimine. I have found consistency in your life with a good wk/lf balance, healthy sleep, and yoga help a lot. Best of luck

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