Antibiotics That Start With R

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Used to treat MRSA

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Verwon Says:

To treat MRSA, Vancomycin or other antibiotics in the same class are used. Other options may include: Flucloxacillin, Erythromycin and Ciprofloxacin.

I am not, however, finding any that start with an R. but it is possible that some doctors may use Rocephin, the active ingredient in Ceftriaxone, though it is not listed as being used to treat MRSA.


Do you have any other information, such as antibiotic class or anything on the particular one or ones you are seeking information on?

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Elizabeth Yepez Says:

After taking a round of Cipro and Flagel, I have an imbalance of flora that is causing me diahrrea and stomach pain. I had this before some years ago and was prescribed something that Started with a V. can you suggest something,

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LINN Says:

I was in the hospital and was given a IV therapy for 20 days once a day and it was for a bacterial infection ,I had MRSA what would be the name of med? It was very costly

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Jorge Says:

Vancomycin,very costly,had MERSA too,a cateyer in one arm to the heart,and vancicin for 40 days twice a day

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Onlythefacts Says:


Bingo!!!! I recently endured A VERY LONG COURSE OF INTRAVENOUS VANC.MERSA is a brutal infection that requires vigilance and constant attention as the alternatives are very grim. I wouldn't wish this affliction on my very worse enemy. Thanks for sharing your history.Regards,Kenie.

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Jorge Says:

Once that you got are going to get it again in your lifetime,I got again,the first time almost destroyed my right foot in only 24 hours,luckily I saved it after 45 day with vancomycim intravenous ,now attacked me in the form of foliculitis,very spread ,big and painful,used rosaphin IM,now I am cured and after read all the severe reacciones of those medicaments( I got none) feel the luckiest man in the world,good luck to all of you too.

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