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Tammy Says:

Ive been on aggrenox fot 10 months and Im severly anemic and getting iron infusions! I beleive the aspirin in it causes bleeding. cant take plavix, so dont know whatTheir going to put me on, hsve muscle and joint problems too.

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Verwon Says:

What do you take it for? Specifically to prevent stroke, or just as a blood thinner?

If it is just as a blood thinner, there may be other options, such as Warfarin:


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Tammy Says:

I take it to prevent a stroke, had one in Jan 2010, and while on plavix had a tia in July 2011, then Dec 2011 had a stroke to my optic nerve in my right eye! I do not want to be on a blood thinner, had my 4th infusion yesterday and got 5 more to go! Aggrenox makes my muscles weak,there has to be somethng else that doesnt make you anemic? scared to go off of cause I must keep my good eye healthy!!! They dont know why this happened?

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Curly Girl Says:

Hi. I miscarried on Nov. 3, 2014 at 2am. I was admitted to the nearest private clinic at 6am but at that time, I fainted already, had trouble breathing and heart palpitations, as well as tingling sensation in my hands and feet and legs. We waited for the OB-gyne to come at 10am, so you see I lost much blood. I had D&C at 10am, then I woke up at 1pm. I felt fine, but a day after, all the symptoms came back. On Nov.8, I was admitted to a public hospital and had my blood tested (CBC). It found out that I have low hemoglobin, hematocrit, and RBC count. Doctor said I have anemia due to blood loss, but I don't need blood transfusions. Iron supplements will do. It's been two weeks and 5 days, and I still feel very tired and take deep breaths in order to breath well (but much better now compared to the first few days after the miscarriage). When should I be recovered from anemia due to blood loss? I've been taking iron supplements and eating iron-rich foods. Thank you very much.

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