Amphetamine Salts Orange Round 30 Mg Imprint "m A30"

Bejeebus Says:

I just got a refill of 30mg tabs amphetamine salts. This month I have been switched again! I can't find any information on this particular brand - it's imprint is M A30, it's orange and round. The pharm company is Mylan I think. I have had the orange ovals (most effective and metabolized for me), the round pink (made my stomach upset), and now these. I am starting to feel like a guinea pig for any new cheap product that comes along. Distributers don't pay attention to how all of these changes may be affecting the users of their products. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has tried these orange round tabs from Mylan Pharm Inc??

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Oldnewzy Says:

I'll reply to you Bejeebus,I just got back on after years of not bothering, mainly because of no insurance. Recently visited my brother and he has been on 20's with a b for barr. The bottle says Teva. He's had no complaints. I decided to try to get back on and Dr. wrote for tens twice a day. They were the same manufacture as his from a different pharmacy. I'll say this they did not do the same as a sample half of a 20 Teva with a b.

The second month I received M A10's, they seemed a little weak at first but I think they are actually smother over all so far since 2 days. I could concentrate better and was calm. I'm thinking about asking for 20's or at least a half twice a day would be cheaper. I just started back and I'm old 10mg is better than nothing and it helps a little after going for years without. Should I ask to take 20mg twice a day or 10 in morning and a 20 in the afternoon? There was a little crash after 3 -4 hours but not as bad as the teva 10's (those I think might be designed to make children worse, or I just got a bad batch). The 20's aren't like that as far as I've been able to tell. Years ago I took Dexedrine 5mg skf they were very smooth compared to Adderall, but I would say that the M A10 was more similar to them, possibly slightly weaker at first but after the initial 3-4 hr. crash it seems like the Dextro portion must have kept going as I'm still up (I didn't get up till 11:30 Sunday morn when I took the first one and the 2'nd at 3:30 felt like I wanted a nap before supper but got a second wind instead. I would recommend the Mylan 10's for less side effects so far after 2'nd day and I think they would work better for a child in school to concentrate as well compared to what I experienced with the b 10's. Why would the b 10 differ so much from half of a b20?

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RW Says:

Just got mine today. So far so good - certainly seem to match the COR and Teva/Barr I've had previously for potency. No expercience on red-dosing later in the day yet as it's day #1. My guess a solid generic as Mylan is #2 in the world now I believe in pharma revenue with several recent acquisitions.

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Dan Says:

I'm very interested in hearing how your experience has continued with the Mylan's. I have been on the Teve/Barr Adderall 20 mg IR for the last 4 years and worked great for me. Yesterday when I picked up my prescription I was given a prescription made by Mylan whom I read just started manufacturing Adderall in November 2015. One time years ago I was given a different generic and had a bad reaction to it, it didn't do nearly half of what the Teva/Barr brand did. So I would love to know if these new Mylan generics are just as good as the Teva's. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Bejeebus Says:

I agree! Now that i have been using the Mylan M A30s for about a week I find them to be smoother with less stomach upset then the round pinks. I liked the oval peach (teva) and would say that these seem to be close to those. Anyway I am happy with the overall results. Thanks for your responses and good luck with being used like a lab critter - we are all held hostage to whichever company offers the lowest price to the distributors and then to the pharmacies.

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Particle Fullerene Says:

I filled my prescription at CVS and will ask if the M A30 is what they are carrying from now on. I'm having to take one and a half 30mg tablets and still feel tired. Constantly grumpy and having sinus problems. I took 20mg a day for 10 yrs and have had to jump up to 60mg a day over the last 2 yrs. Even while doubling my intake the generics still aren't nearly as effective. The FDA is a f***ing joke.

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Hsmith Says:

I was on Ritilan 10 mg by Sandoz and it worked for my narcolepsy but I made be depressed. I am on the dark blue round Mylan 10 mg generic adderall and I'm still tired and don't really feel anything at all. I have taken Teva adderall in the past but they were stronger dosage. I'm not sure what to do. Should I increase the dose or just change brands? I don't want to spend all the money for brand name....

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David Says:


In my opinion it would probably be a good idea to change back to Teva's brand name adderall since that's what you know has worked for you in the past. Generic drugs also tend to be less consistent than their brand name counterparts, at least from my experience and what others have posted on this site. I'm guessing that's probably why they're so much cheaper. You get what you pay for right?... Do you have insurance that helps cover your meds? Or if not, have you considered using any pharmacy coupons to cut down on the cost of brand names?

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johhny t Says:

I just picked up my adds today and of course CVS pulls a quick one and i got the Mylan 30mg IR...ill be honest, ive been on adderall at 30mg×3 daily for at least 7 years and ive tried them all....the sandoz were my favorite then the teva then corpharma (pink ones).. i randomly wasgiven mallinkrodkt (however you spell it) which were the white ones about 6 months ago and they literally made me sick and withdrawals bad..i never complain unless its severe and those were...but i took care of it after taking 2 full days..anyway my point is, i got the new mylans today and said immediately "ohhh wtfff"""... BUTTTTT, I will say i was kind of shocked after trying them and realizing they wwere actually good!!! Everyone is different i know but usually mylan (xanax especially) generics r weak as hell for me.but i will say they are pretty even with the tevas potency wise and do have a smoother comedown once effects begin wearing...i dont have the major anxiety i usually get at times..

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Heather Says:

I JUST got a refill, and received the same brand as you. I feel like I took nothing at all. I'm hungry all the time, which I never felt on the Teva brand.. They definitely are mylan Adderall 30 mg IR tablets, finally found it after an hour of searching... IMO, they're just as bad as corepharma

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Stephanie Says:

Heather. I agree that the M a30's are horrible. They are weak, (compared to the other orange brand ones I used to get., idk the brand of them, sorry) make me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. I feel horrible right now and just want to lay down and go to sleep. It's terrible.
How can you specify to get the brand you prefer? Tell the doctor to write it on the prescription? Or tell the pharmacy? Thanks for any and all replies. This is the only feedback I can find on this horrible brand.

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Bejeebus Says:

It's my understanding that with generics, the drug stores will stock what their supplier gets for them... and they always get the cheapest offering, you can bet. So, I think it will be pretty much a tossup as companies compete with each other to be the med that suppliers push out for that period of time.

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Krash Says:

It's all the same...the difference in color is only the filler that is used. You get the same dosage of the main ingredient.

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Pumkin Says:

Yes they suck. Just like the pink, dark orange round.

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KellyInVA Says:

@johnny t. I agree with you 100%, and in that exact order. The oval orange ones are my absolute favorite (as is everyone else's appearently). I just started taking these M A30s yesterday and hope to get the same effect as those. The round orange E404s weren't bad I don't think as I was not on them very long. The round pink Cor ones seemed to give me headaches like everyday. And last and certainly least, those stupid octagon shaped white ones are the worst of the worst. The headaches didn't happen immediately but my friends and family had noticed a significant change in my personality... I had become a mean, snappy, argumentative person. And for no reason at all. Then the headaches started at the exact same time as the depression... I was on the white ones long enough to suffer these side effects because I had recently become a mother and just thought I was suffering post partum depression and my snappy sarcastic mood was lack of sleep. That was NOT the case. Not but a few days of switching back to my oval oranges did I feel 100%better. And felt like I was doing a better job as a mom. So now that I'm on these M A30s I hope and pray they give me the same effect. I will post again in about a month and let everyone know how they are. Thanks for listening to my rambling, hope I was helpful to at least 1 person.

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sunnyphillygirl Says:

its horrible how every month I don't know how I'll feel because every month it's some new generic brand (from cvs). Teva gives me horrible headaches but my helps with my mood greatly. Aubino (something like that) makes me completley not interested in food, seems to work well for concentration and gives me no headaches but, my mood isn't very good and I get upset/mad a lot with an overall down-feeling. now this month is mylan. ugh afraid to see how the next 30 days will be! -first dose will be tomorrow. oh the anticipation! (not)

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Supersarah77 Says:

I just got my adds filled. Called every pharmacy looking for Teva/barr with no luck. Got stuck with CVS M A30 instead. Every brand except for Teva gives me excruciating headaches not to mention the potency doesn't compare to Teva . So I'm beyond mad and worried how these will affect me.

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Newusernyc Says:

I received the M20 from cvs s f they are horrible!! I'm hungry all day and irritable. I feel really tied and just sang to crawl in bed. They feel a lot weaker than the orange pills I used to receive. I have a racing heart and feel shaky. I hope cvs gets rid of these!

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Staycee Says:

Same here. I've been on the Mylan 20 for a wk now (major stomach ache & constant bloating)
I have celiac disease & I'm convinced that this particular filler contains gluten. Cvs says they have same ingredients as teva- I don't agree

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Johnny t Says:

Hey Stacee, the bottom line is, this medication is used by millions of people and unfortunately they are going to keep coming out with different generics periodically and some will always affect certain people one way or another (each being good or bad). But the sad part is CVS especially, will buy the cheapest generics possible once they are made available. I always try to go to shoprite as they seem to be the only ones with the TEVA and or Corepharma (pink ones). But either way they are better than s***ty white mallinkroft and the Mylan Ma 30's (which arent too too bad and I can get by using them and not having too many issues..what sucks even worse is CVS doesnt tell you when they switch bc they know people complain, but most dont check till out of store and soon as you walk out there is no exchanging..but even if you check right there they will usually take them, back (but you probably need them ASAP) so you wind up taking them...which brings me to this....i dont give a s*** how it looks, but i will literally ask wherever i am of what brand generic they have in stock if any and if it's not what you want, tell them to order them and they will usually be there within a day or 2 (so make sure you ask a couple days before you refill) bc people do react differently to fillers in generics. I do the same with my xanax which is even better by the time you see dr or before ur next fill for whatever med, tell them that you spexifically want such n such brand n they will write it on script...worst thing that can happen is if you ask them to order a specific brand instead of what they have they will call dr and discuss with him or her from then on, they know that you will only accept certain brands but still always ask (in person) first and give em your name so they realize "oh they must be a regular customer" and they'll just look in system and this gives u a greater chance at them taking care of you as opposed to walking in some pharmacy for the first time with a script of 30mg TTD and getting the nasty treatment...that is one thing i will not accept and literally have walked out and said f*** this place (when you know they r jerking u around bc usually save for the regulars)... but you have to be on top of it and dont let whoever turn you away bc they dont feel like ordering it...think thats enough lol

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Newusernyc Says:

After 2 weeks, my body is still not reacting well to this new generic brand. I'm in mental fog. I don't sleep as well as I did before. The pills also don't seem to last as long - after 2 hours they have completely worn off. The taste of the pill is bitter and disgusting. I'm a lot more dehydrated on this brand too.

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Broke and CRAYCRAY Says:

I'm on 3 30s a day and I am insistent on finding out which imprint color and manufacturer the pharmacy carries before I have my script sent there. Sometimes it's a pain but def worth the work. I agree the oval peaches are the best acting. The pink ones give me migraines and the white ones are almost ineffective and make me nauseous. My doctor thinks it's actually a good thing I pay attention to things like this instead of treating me like some drug seeking freak. Plus he gives out free ice cream to anyone who wants some after every visit. He's amazing!

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Alyssa Says:

You know I have been reading all these comments and I have been on the orange ovals and the round pink ones. And everyone is complaining about their side effects to which ones but honestly I have had great days where I dont feel weak or even like I'm on adderall at all and there are also alot of days I feel drained and my body aches and the headaches are bad. And what's funny is both of these effects are during the same brand and dosage within that month. So I'm sorry I dont believe it ultimately is the brand is also greatly matters on if you ate and making yourself eat during the day and staying well hydrated and getting enough rest the night before.

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Princessnut22 Says:

Me as well. Did u get the round white ones yet? REFUSE THEM! They have a designer med in them. I couldn't stop sleeping! Every month it's different and this is the worst possible thing to do to a person with ADHD by screwing with their meds! We rely on routine and one lil thing of course can cause us to crash and burn. This is not fair and I'm not being quiet anymore! Also, you can request only the oval ones with your pharmacy! I keep getting the same stupid response, "the dea only lets us get so many"...

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Jackie Says:

Re: johhny t (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Couldn't agree with you more. I too, feel the same way. I've tried them all and feel these are pretty effective. AND I also had terrible side effects from those white ones. They were absolutely terrible and ended me a night in the hospital bc of all the terrible feelings and side effects it gave me!

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StuByrd Says:

I have had the same side affects from the pink cor pharmaceutical brand 30's. The Teva brand peach ones made me forgetful in my neighborhood making wrong turns made me forget about $10k granite job I was supposed to do for a customer.

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Dawn Says:

Yes, I'm taking the M a30 from mylan. I can tell a huge difference! I thought I got the wrong dose for a minute. I definitely need a smaller dose of these.

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Ali Says:

Does anyone take theD-Amphetamine salt com ER(XR) 25 mg by Prasco. I get it at Walgreens. It to is a generic and is totally ineffective. I can take the 2 prescribed and fall back to sleep. I do take holidays to the point that I have an extra prescription supply. I have a morphine infusion pump and am on a continuous flow of about 25 mg/DAY. I cannot function without this medication to keep me awake. I think I'm going to have my doctor request the name brand for me as medically necessary maybe they will help without increasing my dose. If it weren't for the need for this pump, I wouldn't take ANY meds including aspirin! I only want to be awake and able to function normally.

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Raberta Says:

What over the counter medicibe looks like 30mg tab, amphetamine salt comb???

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carrie Says:

lol and that is fine by me. what if the day falls on a sunday at a pharmacy that is not open on sundays?

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Tre6chamberz Says:

Walgreens has em always. The teva/Barr ones. At least in the Chicago area.

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