Amphetamine Ir Combo 30mg Tab 100s


Can someone please send me a link or tell me where I could find a picture. I have been searching all over the internet and can not find a picture of the round orange pill with a cresent moon 28 on one side and scored and semi scored on the other please help. I know its aderall 30 mg but a picture will honestly just ease my mind.

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Hi Liby - Unfortunately I haven't found a picture either, but I did confirm with two credible sources that the pill which you are describing is the Amphetamine IR Combo 30mg manufactured by Actavis. (The crescent moon is the Actavis logo).

[1] (Manufacturer's web site):

NDC: 45963-0749-11
*Compare to: Adderall®

Color/Shape: Peach /Round
Inscription: Actavis Ellipse | 28 on one side; and scored and partial scored on the other side

[2] National Library of Medicine:

Dextroamphetamine Saccharate, Amphetamine Aspartate, Dextroamphetamine Sulfate and Amphetamine Sulfate Tablets are supplied as follows: ....

30 mg - Peach, round, flat-faced beveled edge tablet debossed with 'actavis logo' over ‘28' on one side; and scored and partial scored on the other side. They are available in bottles of 100 tablets (NDC 45963-749-11) with a child-resistant closure.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks Roy, but I'm curious as to why no one seems to be able to find a picture? Are these particular tablets new and haven't circulated the web yet? Any other medication that I have looked up in the past I could find and only had to partially type a description.

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My guess at this point is that it must be a "newer" pill, and sometimes the databases take a little while to catch up. I checked and the marketing start date is listed as 3/31/2014 which is still relatively new.

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I found this generic to be very strong, I'll see if I can upload a picture

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I just got it filled, and I've never seen it.

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I'm with Tom. Initially, I didn't feel any kick in at all like the tingly head, weird taste or tight jaw that I notice with the rest but I went to hell on my apartment and I just switched over from the crappy pink ones which although changed a little (smaller and not light pink with specks of dark) and improved from 10 years ago when I was stuck with them, they still didn't work very well though they were tolerable this time. I have taken all but the Aurobindo so far and this one at first made me think, UGH, another sub-par generic but my hyper fidgety feeling still being there led to a cleaner more organized apartment and aside from being short and more direct to people and a loss of appetite that was more pronounced I didn't feel like I took anything.

No heart rate change and not being able to notice any crash even and I am usually quieter and lazier than I was on other brands. Overall, I am impressed. Rite Aid could only give me 64 out of my 90 but even though there is a lack of an initial jump and I thought it was like taking nothing, it worked great for me. No zoning out or OCD-ish stuff or anxiety that couldn't be managed without PRN doses of Klonopin. I am pleasantly surprised that they weren't the usual "sit down and shut up" pill.

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