Amphetamine Drug Test Positive

sandeep Says:

I recently took a pre-employment drug test and failed in amphetamine. The only thing I took (prescription or over the counter) in the past week before testing was roseday (rosuvastatin and fenofibrate). Will this give a positive for amphetamine?

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Expomed Says:

You didn't mention what type of drug test. A hair drug test has some of the lowest rates of false positives. In general the two drugs you mentioned should not give a false positive for amphetamines. Actually this is a question for and MRO. A Medical Review Officer is a doctor trained to interpret drug test results and give an opinion whether some thing could cause a false positive.

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Bambam Says:

How many hair strands do they test? I know they need a certain amount but do they test them all or just a fee strands?

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Expomed Says:

The lab usually requires 90-120 strands cut at the scalp line. Each 1/2 inch is a 30 day history so a 1.5 inch sample will go back 90 days. When they start the screening process they will take enough to do the screening then if something looks like it's going positive they will use more to do a GC/MS confirmation. Many time there is hair leftover which they keep for 2 years.

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