Ampheta S Combo 10mg

crystal Says:

Is amphetamine 10mg tab mal the same as ampheta s/combo 10mg tab Barr?
Thank you.

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nervous wreck Says:

I need the same answer. All i can tell is how i feel now. I went from ampheta 10mg s combo by BARR to some square white 10mg ametamine by MAL...THE PHARMACY DDNT EVEN ASK OR TELL ME SO I COULD TAKE MY SCRIPT ELSEWHERE. I AM SHAKING AND FEEL HORRIBLE. THIS IS NOT THE SAME. I DONT FEEL FOCUSED JUST ANXIOUS. I was told they r no longer getting at walmart from barr and asked what my problem was and treated as if i was an idiot when they r the experts who should know better. Walgreens also sd they cant seem to get th barr brands now..a shortage?? Anyone know what is going on?

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Verwon Says:

Can either of you post back with the markings on the tablets in question?

That is what would enable me to check their information for you! Thanks!

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sarah1tn Says:

It is a square small white pill, with a M inside a square and 10 on other side...i found out myself instead of having the ampheta s combo as prescribed which is half amphetamine half the dextrasomething...i have 10mg of straight amphetamine...huge difference and unlawful to not give me a generic of same formula as THATS MY PROBLEM MR WALMART PHARMACIST..ITS NOT THE SAME I LOST THE FOCUS PART AND JUST HAVE SPEED WHICH CAUSES ME TO SHAKE WHEN THE OTHER DIDNT..I HAVE HAD COWORKERS ASK ME WHY IM SHAKING..NOW MY PRIVATE INFO IS OUT THERE BECAUSE I TOLD TRUTH INSTEAD OF LETTING THEM THINK WORSE.

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Ms Pamela Says:

I have been taking AMPHETA S/COMBO 20MGTAB for over a year now and when I went to get the refill from Walgreens they told me they were out and not sure when they would get a new supply in. I was down to only 3 days supply and called Walmart where I used to get my prescriptions filled and they said they had it. Well not only did they not have it they instead gave me AMPHETAMINE 20MG TAB telling me that it is the same at the AMPHETA S/COMBO. I disagree! I have had issues with severe headaches, shaking, blurred vision, restlessness, loss of focus and irritability. My family and friends have all noticed something different as well. Should I have taken it ..NO!!!.But going without what medication I need causes problems as well like feelings of withdrawl!! I am being told that I may have no choice because there seems to be some kind of shortage. So tired of drug companies profiting off of my money and now my health!!!!

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Nelli Says:

Oh my gosh!! Thank you for posting! The very same thing happened to me on 2-11-2014! The last 5 days have been horrible! When I picked up my script, I told my pharmacists that I've had problems with different manufactures in the past. He told me to have an open mind.

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addadoodoo Says:

Actually, the MAL brand is dextro and amph. Same as BARR.
I did notice a wirey the first time I took the BARR brand.
Eventually I became used to it. So I think that's all it is.

I don't know why the same ingredients would feel different. I definitely noticed a difference.
It's fine.The BARRs helped me out a lot.
I'm going to miss being able to break off the other half.

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Ciara Says:

It's interesting that you were all switched from bar to mal. I got switched from mal to bar, and it doesn't seem to be as effective.

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Tired Says:

I was switched to barr and it came from Walgreens!i don't think it works as well fo

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