Amneal Hydrocodone Ip 110

Paula Says:

I was given a different brand of hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325 by MFG AMNEAL, instead of my regular brand watson 10-325 I was told that my pharmacy wouldnt carry watson brand after the fact of giving me the new generic brand. Even though the label on my new brand states oval white tab.watson 853 not letting me prior of refilling my prescription. And I need to know if both brands are equally the same? I read most of people complain about this new MFG AMNEAL generic brand. I want the facts and truth about brands being the same. When i asked one of the pharmacist, she said, "watson my regular brand is the same as my new brand". But i would like an outsider professional opinion who doesnt work for my pharmacy.

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Lynn Says:

No not the same! Same thing happened to me, so I did my research! FDA allows up to 20% difference in meds, can be fillers, other ingredients! Here is the name of the FDA commissioner- Dr. Scott Gottlieb, start there!

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Karen Says:

I too was getting my hydrocodone 10/325 from Walgreen's and they use to get them from Actavis but the pill said Watson which Watson is no longer because they sold out to Actavis and the pills didn't work that well. I got no relief. I got a prescription filled last month and noticed they changed manufacturers which is Amneal and the pills don't work either. The pharmacy goes with whoever is cheaper. The companies put in bids and whoever is cheaper is who they get the order from. So we who are in pain suffer.

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Roro Says:

Call pharmacies to find the manufacterer that you want but remember to ask yes or no questions as a lot of them wont go into detail... and you are not restricted to what any particular pharmacy carries. You can ask if they can order what you want and if they won't then fire them... Afterall they work for you... you pay them...... and always check your script before you pay and do not accept junk meds. Tell them to give your script back & keep their crappy meds... but keep your cool.

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Scott Says:

I was given the same thing without being told by my Walgreens pharmacy in my opinion they are not the same and do not work the same I only take 2 a day and after 3 or 4 days of the new brand it's not working for me!!

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Richard k Says:

No, they suck. I've been taking Watson for years. It's like taking Tylenol. The yellow V was second best to Watsons. I am unhappy and going to call the drug rep at the ***** pharmacy. Or I will talk to my doctor to tell him the ip brand are the worst I have taken. I know I have been on them for over 20 years. You need to tell the pharmacy to get rid of them. Must be 10 cents cheaper. I am mad.

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Lynn Says:

Re: Richard k (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Actually, Tylenol works better than amneal ip110, they not only make me sick,I can't get anything done,does not help much with pain! The sick feeling is horrible, stomach cramps,chills,nausea! I been taking since 3rd, thought,would give them a chance? Monday can't get here soon enough. My body apparently can't take this either!! So I don't care, I am calling my insurance company & get a pre-authorized rx for brand name!! Don't care if it costs a little more, I can't take being this sick from meds,that are suppose to help me!!! Instead they are making it worse!!!!

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Kimber Says:

Re: Karen (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Amneal is garbage!! Of course its cheaper! Obviously not the right amount of medicine is being used in it so they are undercutting other brands so the can get a corner on the market. This is so wrong!! Its all about the profit! They dont care if we are hurting! Amneal is based in India. They dont follow the same rules as here in the US!! They make it there then sell their garbage here!! Now I am stuck with this crap!! We have the right to know if pharmacies change brands instead of them just selling it to us without any knowledge of the change. This practice is despicable!

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Michelle Says:

Thought I was going nuts the last week or two, noticing something is not right about my medication. It’s awkwardly embarrassing enough with the stigma on controlled substances - and always being at the pharmacy. Let alone questions or wanting to call and ask. So decided to call today because this is bananas and know I’m not crazy.

I’ve been on the same Norco 10-325 for sadly over a decade. I’ve been through almost every color and manufacturing company there is or has been filled by them. This month when I picked up my refill at Walgreens, I received one that I never have seen before; thinking i was given the wrong dose (this happened several times years ago unfortunately. And even with the awkward feeling of having to call or go back regarding “opioids” - they corrected it. Then i left and an issue again, so they fixed it after 3 times of me coming back that which could have been a bigger issue. God forbid someone didn’t know or notice like I did - was allergic, or died due to this HUGE mistake).

Anyway sorry to go off in a tangent - but I know medication and am extremely smart and careful with them. When I opened them I was like “what is this”? Seeing after the new year when I filled it (1.9.18) Looking so weird, but the color & ID/numbers matching on the bottle...noticed it had a manufactured brand name I never had seen personally.


The last week and a half I noticed it truly doesn’t seem right and doesn’t help whatsoever if I take it versus each other brand I’ve been given.

Embarrassed, but finally called my local Walgreens that filled it; to ask if there were potentially any complaints or same feedback, issues etc. was super awkward and felt so weird and still do (when I shouldn’t).

He said “not that he’s aware and hasn’t heard anything at all”, but he’ll “keep his ears opened”. It’s not their fault, I do appreciate Walgreens especially my local one I go to. The team is great. But I know this is NOT right, the medication is not the same - whatever the change is - or issue potentially, I don’t want to consume without knowing. And I can’t get it somewhere else - it’s already filled. And I am not a pharmacy hopper nor would I do that or want to be red flagged. I like Walgreens but unsure what I’m supposed to do...

I’m going to call headquarters or research if there’s a site with info of whom to contact that really can help give answers etc on this. It’s making me uneasy truly and feels illegal to me if it isn’t the same. And we aren’t aware - or told of what we are even consuming. Given info of why, or the difference in the generic brand filled isn’t working & what to do (if there’s anything we can do)?

As I went to google it - literally as i thought I’d type the brand Amneal in, first things i see all month popping up are sites like this of people asking about the same issues, and many questioning the medication and having issues and it not helping them.

This is not a dependency and tolerance issue for me; that’s always been long gone being on it for so long. I used to take so many and now there days I go without taking it. So I know the difference, and this we are taking is not helping anyone it seems I’m reading.

Anyone have ideas or find any info out by any chance regarding this by any chance? Really curious while I start having to research who to call, or contact to make myself spend time doing something so ridiculous & awkwardly uncomfortable too when I haven’t done anything wrong.

The fun of being on opioids....those who need them to just get through times or days like most can; to work or walk, etc. and we have to be judged or feel judged and embarrassed what it sounds like regarding this. Super irritated / and always helping others...get feel like I’m a criminal when I have to research or question it.

However, I’m worried this is really not likely affecting many on a broader scale. Not just me and us. A large company like Walgreens is either needing ppl like us having issues and concerns to let them know so they are aware & take action; or to find out what options there are because this isn’t ok.

This is wrong and I’d rather take back and get a different brand which I know is impossible. Impossible from the time I’m sure I was in the lot and took the bottle out of the bag to let the next person through the drivethru..since i don’t like holding ppl up, and like to double check I get the RIGHT medication (again it’s happened countless times at another one years ago); and I trust them when the bottle has the info l else matching the pill.

Really do hope those that I respect there; the pharmacists aren’t aware? Or are they told and just brush it off as if we are drug addicts - due to being told by HQ? (Really I’m hoping not for the sake of customers/patients, and the company I’ve always liked and trusted for 36 years. Otherwise they will be in huge trouble; beyond - and action will be taken...sadly. That is for sure.

Thanks and sorry for rambling - i type as fast as I talk - lol. And super frustrated and feel weird and uncomfortable having to question myself each day; the get the guts to not feel like a drug addict (even tho they know me there) to have the courage to finally call today - about 11-12 days later since I didn’t have the guts....and then call to not get an answer thinking I’m nuts and now have to research???

Omg. Seriously? Sorry for venting - super upset right now - feel like we are being put in a very awkward horrible situation I want nothing to do with and didn’t ask for; and did nothing wrong. And sadly the pharmaceutical companies are about $ and profit and the bottom line; as the pharmacies are too. I understand they need to make a profit but not at a risk of injuring a customer or not giving a patient what they need that is effective for them.

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Lynn Says:

It made me very sick!!! In my opinion it is so bad, I am going hollistic & natural herbs, vitamins, supplements! It messed with my liver (almost went to ER), then I did a home remedy & feel better! I can tell you, there are different formulas, fillers & additives in the pharmaceutical companies!! These meds are probably patented!! I know Watson sold their generics to Teva pharmaceutical!! You can Google & research, I did & it is very scary!!! Also, FDA does not care!! Neither does big pharma!!! Wishing everyone the best of luck & blessings!!!!

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Kimber Says:

Re: Michelle (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you for writing that. Call the FDA. Don't bother with the website. It doesn't work that well. Here is the phone number:
1-888-463-6332. The pharmacist will not tell you there has been complaints about Amneal. He doesn't want the business going elsewhere. Of all the medicine I have taken the hydrocodone made by Amneal is the WORST!! The company is underbidding other brands by offering the cheapest price. That being said the medicine is such poor quality and it has caused me and other people here many bad side effects. Lower price = poorer quality. Medicine is supposed to help, not hinder. This garbage made me feel so bad I actually felt like I was going through withdrawal. So NO, all medicine is NOT the same. I'm sick of all these stores pushing generics. Generics are junk. I want name brand or nothing. Generics are VERY INFERIOR QUALITY.

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Michelle Says:

Re: Lynn (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Right?! Super sad we can’t trust and have to figure things on our own. Thankful for all of you, knowing i wasn’t crazy. Thanks for the heads up and best of luck to u. Hope the holistic approach helps, mine made me sick too, it’s horrible to have to deal with that & also major pain (with ineffective) meds. We should know & trust all are the same. Obviously are not regulated as they say they are. Let all make profit while, those like us that are doing what we can, the proper way & truly need meds, suffer instead...something has to change for how these are regulated. Don’t like dishonesty and feeling lied to like this. None of us should have had to deal with this.

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Michelle Says:

Re: Lynn (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks from the bottom of my heart Lynn. Sad reading all these discussion boards with so many having the same problem (around the same time too). Wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I’ve been so sick - feeling sick, headaches thinking it’s the weather in Chicagoland since it can affect me; or my migraines. Plus constipation I never get & then diarrhea (sorry to share details). And I haven’t taken it for days...this is horrible. I did write to the FDA, contacted Walgreens and my doctor and insurance. The insurance lady (I like and wasn’t sure who to call first and proper channels so I’m not red flagged and of course it has to be an opiod of all things affecting us all) she was no help. But hopefully I’ll hear back from my doctor today to turn in my bottle of pills and get another script to be able to fill the last couple weeks of this fill - so it helps me a bit. This is horrible and sad and don’t feel we are being helped by FDA and the pharmacies potentially. Scares me and is bothering me so much. Grateful I randomly did happen to stumble upon these posts knowing I’m not crazy. Hope to god there’s something done quickly since aonmany of us are affected and actually taking action.

Best of luck to you and many thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

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Julie Says:

Re: Michelle (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Please let me know which find out because I feel the same way I've been taking Watson ran for over 10 years and the Amneal does not work nearly as well as Watson! I have also been using Walgreens for the past 10 years and I don't want to bring it up because of the controversy of opiates! TIA

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Michelle Says:

Re: Julie (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Julie. So I went to the doctor to drop off my remainder of my script that was filled with that horrible medication AMNEAL. I called my local Walgreens ahead of time to see if they had the Watson (another generic that I haven’t had a problem with ever) in case it was only name brand - so I can let my doctor know when I was there.

They told me they did which was the truth. I got my new script and brought them my bottle with the remainder of that nasty script. After an hour since they knew the situation and that insurance isn’t going to fill it since it’s “too soon” and they don’t care nor understand the issues even by calling; that I’ll need to pay for it.

After an hour out of nowhere he said my doctor (really the PA) accidentally wrote it as DAW-(distribute as written). Well, to me it was fine - what do I know? It was written for the 16 day supply needed for the remainder of my script a and noted on it to not give AMNEAL. To me how is that wrong?

So they call my name and I’m thinking it’s ready - and since it’s said that DAW or whatever that box is; means according to the pharmacy “not generic” and since it said Norco.

They didn’t have the Norco (non generic), frustrating because all this back and forth and even knowing generic paying probably $30-40 instead of my $3 a month script I turned in, it probably would cost $200?

He had to call and see who had the actual Norco (non generic). Found one near and went there he said he called ahead. Gave me the script back which was frustrating but went there and they said he'd fill it. Got a notification sitting there - thinking they knew all about the situation since it’s been explained etc nonstop - it wouldn’t be an issue. Well that pharmacist wouldn’t fill it out of pocket and only with insurance - which is denied of course.

So now I need to go back tomorrow and have my doctor write a new one so it doesn’t have the DAW on it.

I wasted 4.5 hrs and now need to deal with this tomorrow again, which is super frustrating. We try to do the right things and the right way especially as you said - being an opioid how it feels and we are looked at or maybe it’s my perception...not something I want to deal with....but trying to do the right things, follow direction and to come to find out a simple thing on the script my local Walgreens that went to fill couldn’t - and the other refused to not do it without putting it through my insurance which is denied because it’s too soon.

Sorry for the lengthy response, I’m frustrated after all this plus all the calls, feeling sick from this mess and not getting even any relief either - trying the proper channels; and then the pharmacies are different.

Hoping it helps? My Walgreens is aware of all this since Sunday - when I had the guts to call and also Walgreens corporate and wrote to the fda etc. but the other Walgreens he sent me to said it would NOT be an issue and they are expecting me and after all that now I need to go back to get a new script.

So I’d suggest calling your local Walgreens if you haven’t; let them know the situation - also your doctor and I’m sure no explaining needed. They’ll write a new script for what is needed until your next fill if you bring back the AMNEAL nasty bad pills that should NOT exist. But double check it’s written right before you go. Also suggest calling your Walgreens to make sure they have your other generic in stock so in case you’re not in the situation of running around wasting more time and headaches as I was...which was accidental (understand pharmacists have rules) but each are different it seems obviously...with the paying versus insurance. Sucks to have to pay but unfortunately it’s needed...figured I’d take it up with Walgreens corporate after the fact. Or if you prefer the non generic or your local one you always go to that may know you well and the situation-I’d call ahead before to see if they have whichever in stock for you.

Seems at the beginning of January many were low and that is why they had that AMNEAL solely for generic (sadly never would question it since I never have issues with generic). I’m sure every area is different like each pharmacy and pharmacist. Mine said they still carry the other so going forward I’ll make sure to only get that - and if only Amneal is in stock, I’ll take my script back and have to go to another Walgreens.

Again sorry hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions. Just hope you don’t have to go through the extra hoops and hours unnecessarily like i did due to the way it was written; and one willing to do it, knowing it’s not an issue; and the other that could supposedly refused.totally annoying and jumping hoops - wish insurance was easier and it wouldn’t have even been an issue at the other place where she refused to fill it by not going through insurance. I just knew it would be denied and saw an email that it was with a notification while sitting there and walked up to her. Literally in tears out of pain, feeling sick and frustrating hours and days or weeks of dealing with this unknowing it was that and notnme being crazy; and also having the guts to make the calls because it’s an opiod. As we know the stigma - it makes it hard; when we need it for real medical issues & still feel weird - when put in a bad situation like this.

Again, if you haven’t - not only call your local Walgreens first - and your doctor. But I’d suggest contacting Walgreens consumer relations/complaints etc - so they know. The more we all do it - hopefully they won’t carry it or do something. Did write to the FDA too.

But trust me, still feel awkward like I’m a “bad girl” when i did nothing wrong as we all didn’t; and trying to handle the appropriate way and figure it out; due to this problem that hasn’t ever occurred. Our luck it has to be a controlled substance and opiod versus another med where it’s such a watched and harder thing to do or deal with personally and get fixed.

Hoping your doctor and local Walgreens will handle it - I’m sure they will!!! Good luck and if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out. Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll hopefully now have this finally right and fixed...only due to my script and each Walgreens pharmacist being different sadly.

And hate insurance companies too - shouldn’t be an issue to me if they know & understood... and cared about the issue and knew it wasn’t an early fill. It was due to an issue with the med; and giving back my old med. they dont Care...then we have to pay, otherwisenits too soon & will be denied. (Unless yours works different). And us having to pay outta pocket more for something that we did nothing wrong for and are in pain....but rather pay and get this over with - from all I’ve been feeling physically and mentally and in so much pain and want it to be over and now know for next month in a couple weeks to never let Walgreens give me that crap again.

AMNEAL needs to go away. And fda and Walgreens hopefully will take action because I’m super upset and can’t believe I have to deal with this like so many of us. Don’t wish it on anyone; not working and/or feeling sick from a horrible drug they shouldn’t carry or let us know it changed then, so we are aware ahead of time. Now I’ll be making sure to never take that crap again in the future

That was super long, sorry, I’m tired & probably repetitive- literally wrote the same thing i believe a trillion times im typing so fast on my phone....but hope it made some sense and helps direct you or suggestions of how to handle it. If not seriously don’t hesitate to ask.

I’ll keep you posted tomorrow if you want but mine won’t have an issue and they and corporate is involved; it is just the script that had that stupid thing on there that the doctors assistant didn’t realize and put and meant to only dispense the non generic - even tho they understood; they can’t scratch it out etc and fill it not appropriately due to rules and understand since it’s their job. Just sadly we are the ones that pay for it in various ways - time, pain, sick and monetarily too

Hang in there and sorry you’re dealing with the same. Keep me posted. I’m curious and hoping you have luck and get yours handled smoothly without an accidental issue written on a script like mine was after returning them and wasting hours and a long drive back and forth (after the Doc) after waiting to find out the’s a never ending battle.

If only ppl understood what we deal with and that we aren’t doing this for fun. We need meds for reasons and not only have things gotten harder / issues like this occurring really became a huge problem, lesson learned - but i will make sure to Contact Walgreens again after my local one fills it to complain and explain what I went through etc and paid them and how horrible this is...when I’m obviously FAR from the only one “it didn’t work” with. Hate hearing that since it’s obvious there is an issue with the manufacturer and hearing from some or those that dont take it or deal with what we have to just to live life and work or do things day to day with some relief; that it just may be “me”’and everyone reacts differently. Agreed but not on this one!!!!

Xoxox sending good vibes your way and hope you have a smooth fast switch by your Doc and Walgreens w/no issues. But cal Walgreens corporate too - can’t say that enough because the more i think 'contact them', the better off we will be with hopefully them getting rid of this (and their contract) on generic meds that are horrible to us.

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Kimber Says:

I know! Its sneaky the way they are doing this. Walgreens did it to me last week after I picked it up! I have told them I CANNOT TAKE Amneal because of its nasty side affects! I almost had a visit to the ER they were so bad. Go to Kroger or smaller pharmacies. Walgreens is carrying this cheap Amneal garbage! It makes me sick! It does NOTHING for the pain.
Hope it all works out for you.

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Michelle Says:

Kimber (# 14) --

Wow they still did after you’ve told them? Going forward after all this chaos and back & forth I’ve been dealing with for doing nothing wrong - I’m never leaving the window there without pulling it out - even if I hold up the drive thru. It’s crazy. Hope all get what they need due to this situation we all have had with not getting relief and being sick from it

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Michelle Says:

Re: Kimber (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Thanks Kimber, I’ll call the fda too then since i wrote in - and filled that form out and all info. But anything to get it seen or to a higher place where they hopefully take us all seriously - and potentially do something. I’ll do what I need to do, especially after all this back and forth, and trying to rectify this situation we didn’t do anything wrong to deserve & of course feel like we have to go through hoops or are doing something wrong because of the classification and epidemic. Ppl don’t understand unless they need meds like us for reasons & judge it. Notnright to make us pay for it when we aren’t criminals...that’s for sure. I’ll be calling them today for sure!

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Kimber Says:

Re: Michelle (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Thank you Michelle. Every little bit helps!
Please keep me posted!

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Michelle Says:

Re: Julie (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

Finally! Went back - for the new script again, written appropriately to how my local one needed it & and all is switched out. Pain but fixed.....I’m going to call Walgreens Corp again tho and fda (only wrote into fda) and this needs to get real notice - or answers given.....not that i want to continue spending time on this headache; something needs to be done to hopefully change this for all of us & what we dealt with.

Best of luck and if you have questions let me know. Fingers crossed for you Julie.

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Lynn Says:

Copy of my letter, I sent to Ashwini Patil at Amneal, 3 times not a charm.

"This is all you can do? Send me a formed letter 3 times? I am done with Amneal! So are a lot of other ppl across the USA! Your product is making ppl sick, really sick, don't know about any deaths right now! Maybe you should get out of pharmaceuticals? I am going with holistic & natural remedies! Thanks for your uncaring attitude towards human lives! Very sick from your very low quality care & product!"

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