Am Not Feeling Any Relief From The Pain For Shingles Have Taken 4 Last Day And A Half As Presribed

Rayna Says:

Have shingles,took 4 hydroco/acetaminop 5-325mg tab qua in last 2 days as prescribed have not had any relief from excruciating pain. When should I get some relief from pain?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Rayna! How are you feeling? I'm very sorry that you're so miserable!

The good news is that once is clears up, Shingles doesn't usually recur!

Something topical might help a bit more, if used in conjunction with the pills. There are things available over the counter, such as Dermoplast and others that are sold for sunburn and such. If your doctor says it's okay for you to use one, then they can even prescribe something, or your pharmacist can help you find something to try.

That problem with herpes viruses is that they are a skin condition, so they are topical and while you can take an oral pain medication, your nerves are so sensitized that it often is of limited help, because any movement, any brush of your clothing, even a gust of wind can cause the pain to be intense.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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kjpw Says:

Verwon I believe u are wrong when saying Shingles is not likely to raise its ugly head again,I had shingles back in 2006 at the age of 28.i was warned that it might come back and even now when I'm stressed I can feel that tugging feeling.

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Kim Says:

Shingles, the virus from varicella zoster or chicken pox lays dormant in the dorsal root of the spine. Post herpetic neuragia may last a lifetime. Some claim Lyrica helps....

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KarlZ Says:

PHN is an inflammatory nerve condition. I suggest you look at Reunion AI, you can Google it. There is an excellent review on PHN at their site.

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Marie Says:

Shingles can and frequently does recur. This is unfortunate as it it is quite painful. My poor grandmother had it many times and my sister and I (both in our 50's) have had it one time so far already. There is hope, though! There is a vaccine out there for it, but it works best if you have not yet had shingles. The pain from shingles is no joke so please, get the vaccine.

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Dolores Says:

Actually the pain caused from shingles is from the nerves. The herpes virus (when not having a fever blister...or genital outbreak, which is an entirely different type) lies dormant in the root ganglion which is a bundle of nerves.
So unfortunately treating the skin may give some short term relief, a medication made for the nerves like gabepetin (works different for everyone) or an IR, immediate release, pain medication (again, everyone is different. ..I used 10 mg oxycontin ).
I pray that you are better soon

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Maura Says:

Re: Marie (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Don't waste your money! the shingles vaccine is expensive and it is made from a live virus; it can give you the Shingles!

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P Morris Says:

Re: KarlZ (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

What is Reunion Al? When I googled it there was nothing in relation to shingles. Thanks
P Morris

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