Alvogen Oxycodone 10 325 Pill Not Controlling My Pain As Well As Other Generic Brands

Annie Says:

Alvogen 10/325 any one else feel it is not controlling their pain as well as other brands.
Thanks for your input.

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David Says:

Hi Annie,

I have not tried the Alvogen brand specifically, but according to other related threads on here, Endo Pharmaceuticals is touted as having one of the best working Percocet tablets by comparison. My theory is that one or more of the binders/fillers that Alvogen tabs are composed of aren't able to sufficiently metabolize in our body, thus leaving part of the active ingredient(s) lying dormant within.

I don't know if this makes much sense to anyone else who may be reading, but it seems like a feasible possibility since each manufacturer uses a different set of inactive ingredients.

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Annie Says:

Thank you very much for answering my question, in your opion it will work as well as other generic giving it the best try possible because i do not like taking more of this medicine than i ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY..

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Brave1 Says:

Alvogen is new....KEEP IN MIND, EVERYONE feels and Respondes differently to pain meds!!! Now, Alv, to me, is as good to dull my pain as an Advil., no where the relief of other manf. Endocet is the Worst ever made pain reliever. I also s/w my Dr and he told the companies can CUT their med up to 18% of the active ingredient, by law!!! ....Thats ALOT. Think about a 5 mg oxycodone (5/325) ....Alomost 20% is filler. Huge. Every1 is different. I've found that Amneal is ok for me. I used to take Roxicet and that was Amazing, but its hard to find. You have to ask ur pharm to order it for you. Oxycontin ER 40mg is suppose to be a long lasting codone w/o tylenol. Dont work for me. I've had 7 surgs and 1 next month. I recommend simply talking to ur Dr about ur pain meds and BE HONEST. My Dr broke his back 2 months ago and just retired 3 weeks ago, and they are closing the pain center part of the group. Lucky me...Atleast they are tryn to find me a new Dr who knows or will know all my issues that need attn. Good Luck btw....4 friends took Alvogen, after being on Watson and Amneal and say its worthless.

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ken Says:

you have way to much time on your hands. Brands differ about +/- 5%. that's about it..

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BooHoo Says:

Endocet is the closest you will get to brand name Percocet! You are nuts if you think endocet is the worst! Anneal is NOT new, they've been around for a while and I will never, ever use their meds again - they suck!

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jim Says:

yes I feel that alvogen 10/325 is not as strong as qualitest 10/325, do not know why these generics can not be controlled better

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ava Says:

Yes. It has been my experience that Alvogen oxycodone does not work as well as the other brands. I am not a chemist so I cannot tell you why. I am a chronic pain sufferer, however, and have had the end of an Alvogen prescription left to compare to a newly filled manufacturer of same strength. I actually altered my epidural shot area because I thought I wasn't getting the same relief as usual. Switch to a pharmacist that carries a different brand. Good luck on your pain relief efforts.

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Rebecca Says:

Alvogen is the worst I have taken in 20 years! 2nd worst is Activas Alvogen took at least 2 hrs to start and over by the end on 3rd her. Caused leg tremors in me ans withdrawl symptoms within 5 hrs. Miserable. None are good anymore but dont put yourself thru Alvogen pls!

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Leslie Says:

I just got my oxycodone -Acetaminophen 5-325. It us a round blue pill, with a deep split line. My concern is, all my pills are supposed to be white, because I'm allergic to certain dyes. Does this mg, and because it is blue, have ingredients of IODINE?

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Neuropathyhell Says:

Alvogen is the worst I've ever taken. I thought it was me. I will change pharmacies if they continue to carry this brand. It's as good as taking almost nothing... pain goes from 8-9 down to a 6 when I'm lucky for about 15 minutes. Then 6 hours of crying to get to the next time I can get 15 minutes of relief. They should be taken off the market...they aren't much better than a sugar pill.

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Your theory is plausible in my opinion. My reason for thinking so is thus, i have bi-polar depression(as well as chronic pain do to 14 back surgeries over 100 procedures all together and total spinal-reconstruction from S1-T3), and take Webutrin. When i needed to have hernia surgery my pain management Dr. As well as being my psychologists, contacted the surgeon and to him under no circumstances give me hydrocodone to attempt to control my pain!!! Me being confused said I'm not allergic to that, why can't they give it to me? My pain management Dr. Grinning replied other then the fact that my tolerance to hydrocodone codone being what it is that it wouldn't give me any relief at all, I take 300mg of Webutrin 3x a day and the ingredients in it Will actually push the hydrocodone out of my body before my body has a chance to absorb the pain medication!!! I wasn't aware of this, and it seems the hernia Dr. Wasn't either! It seems to me alot of Drs are under educated about how the medications the prescribe actually work, and am grateful for the painmanagement Dr. I do have, and his ability to simply answer my question about my medications as well as be able to explain his answers in a language I can understand.

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Bamboozled 1 Says:

Not only do they not work , the bottle has a powdery coating it never had before . I have other empty bottles of the same product .All are absolutely clear. No powdery. Coating. Something is wrong. How do I report this?


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Booter Says:

PLEASE READ THIS- because it might clear up some confusion pertaining to the efficacy, etc. between the Brand vs Generic medicine : For the record , the FDA ALLOWS UP TO A 20% VARIANCE , BETWEEN THE BRAND MEDICINE VS THE GENERIC, AS FAR AS THE ABSORBTION OF THE MEDICINE !! ( This is absurd &atmost should only be allowed to VARIANCE up to a maximum of 2%). Another problem is that the active ingredients have to be 100% the exact same(what it should be) between the Brand medicine vs the Generic , But THE INACTIVE INGREDIENTS DO NOT HAVE TO BE THE SAME !! This is also absurd. To further compound the problem , once the patent expires on the particular Brand medicine , Only one company initially gets the rights to exclusively manufacture the Generic version - Therefore, it has to be within the FDA 20% VARIANCE regulation as far as the ABSORBTION - Brand vs the Generic. HOWEVER, once this initial generic manufacturer loses its rights to be the only manufacture - ONCE THIS occurs , then multiple generic manufacturers can start making their particular Generic version - HOWEVER, *** These companies now only have to COMPARE THEIR GENERIC PRODUCT VERSION TO THE INITIAL/IST GENERIC ... SO REMEMBER THAT THE FDA ALLOWANCE OF UP TO A 20% VARIANCE as far as ABSORBTION - between the Brand medicine &the Generic .... Well now ,the aftermarket generics can be up to 20% less ABSORBTION WISE THAN THE INITIAL GENERIC !!! THEREFORE, IN ACTUALITY YOU COULD ACTUAL GET A GENERIC VERSION THATS ONLY 60% ABSORBTION WISE VS THE BRAND MEDICINE !!! THIS IS TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE &UNACCEPTIBLE !!!! Congress has gotten all involved In the opioid epidemic , etc. But this ABSORBTION 20% VARIANCE (& even up to 40%) MATTER HAS got to be changed !!! Its RIDICULOUS THAT WE HAVE THIS ALLOWABLE VARIANCE w/our MEDICINES ,IN OUR GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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pessimist Says:

Re: Booter (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I have had many surgeries over the years and now have chronic pain from interstitial cystitis (now referred to as painful bladder syndrome), fibromyalgia, vascular migraines controlled by betablocker. I have noticed for decades that most generics don't provide adequate pain relief. I've been thru 2 years of physical
therapy, psychotherapy. I have just about every splint, brace etc. for OA. Pharmacists always say generics are the same. Bull! I'm tired
of medical people telling me what works on my body. I just finished 6 weeks of bladder instillations. I got severe bladder infection that took 4 different antibiotics. One was Amneal Bactrim. Awful. Made
me sick as dog. Anyway. Brand Percocet 10/325 works great. I take 1/2 in morning and 1 at dinner. But price is now $1400 for #60. It's insane. We have no insurance except Medicare but not the D part but
doesn't matter, they wouldn't cover anyway. I'm turning 66 today. I think the opiod crisis is due partly to generics. They don't work as well, people take more trying to get relief, some accidently
overdosing. I'm about to give up on life. Can't afford meds now and I can't live with constant bladder pain and no sleep. Any ideas? Is Endocet cheaper? Does it work?

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Endopiates Says:

Re: pessimist (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

Endocet is the exact drug as Percocet, made by same drug company, made on same assembly line. Endocet is your best choice!!

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