Alprazolam Green And Blue

hate having these issues Says:

The green verses the blue .1mg has to have a difference in strength. Ive taken the blue ones for many yrs due to very high anxiety. People that say thats impossible may be the crazy ones bc there is a diff. They wear off much quicker n anxiety does not ease near as well as the blue.

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Twinkles Says:

I have been on lortab 10/325 qid for 15 years, Xanax 1 mg tid for 12 years Adderall 20 mg bid for 4 years. I am a nurse but no longer nursing due to a bad neck, back, fibro, rheumatoid arthritis, DDD, spinal stenosis.....etc. I took a u/a at a family dr who has prescribed these meds from day one and they tell me the drug panel was positive for all my meds but showed a high level morphine!!! I am livid, I take only my meds. They cut me cold turkey off all meds. I'm scared of what can happen to me after long term use and getting cut off.

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Stephanie Says:

The s 902 light greens 1mg, R very strong. It took me #3 blues a day verses only needing #1 green a day & I didn't even have a tolerance on the blues. These greens by dava pharm s 902 work very well I have anxiety bad & PTSD severe. I don't have to take anything but #1 green Aprazolam 1 mg a day.

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David Says:

I find it interesting to note how the original poster's experience differs so greatly from post #3 (polar opposites it seems), with regards to green vs blue Alprazolam efficacy. This demonstrates that despite having the same active ingredients, each individual is still subject to react/respond differently to the tablet composition(s)... In translation, that respectfully means no opinion matters when seeking feedback through personal experience, in that every drug response is uniquely different within us from a biochemical standpoint. What happens to Stephanie may or may not happen to others and vise versa. It's just odd that the original poster noticed such a drastic difference in strength in the blue vs green. I didn't suspect there'd be this wide of a variance from person to person.

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Stephen Says:

@Post #1,

You should have demanded to take another drug panel on the spot right then. Something similar to that has happened to me. I am on methadone and have been for ten years. I took a drug panel and my methadone did not turn up. I said that's impossible, I just took my morning dose and I do not miss any. I take them everyday. So I demanded to them allow me to take another drug panel and on the second drug panel it showed. So the drug panels can have mistakes, trust me, because it did happen to me.

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EDDY Says:

The Greens must be stronger because they are made from Blue & Yellow. Learned that in 4th grade

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