Alprazolam From India White Round Pill With No Numbers

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small whit round pill with no numbers or scoring. Supposed to be alprazolam from india

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but are they 2mg like they say? Says:

A friend got his script filled with blister packs with 2mg alpazolam. Not the bars, and don't seem like 2MG from my experience. shipped from india

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ChristinaZ Says:

I ordered 2 mg Alprazolam and finally got them about a month after I ordered them, not like the 7-14 days they had said...but the pills are white, round and all blank on both sides except for a score mark on one side....are they real? They are from a company in India but I have no way of finding out if they are real b/c they have no markings. Please help!!

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Jay Says:

I got Alprazolam from India in the mail with Z/O on it. Does anybody know what this is? Is it real Alprazolam?

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Mel Says:

every med I have obtained from India has been up to 60 % dangerous binders & fillers. ineffective. Pharm companies in India are very unsanitary. The FDA does not have to keep tabs on foreign drug companies, so they don`t! doesn`t matter. They pay off the FDA & P.R. firms. don`t be fooled by them. A lawfirm just won a 500 million dollar lawsuit against "Danroxy" in India. There was glass in their pills!! They are now shut down for good. Please be careful. Don`t pay for anything from "Sandoz" either. They no longer manufacture alprazolam. They order it from "Sun Pharmaceuticals" in India!! We, as consumers, are being bamboozled & kept in the dark about this nonsense. It took me weeks of research & tenacity to find out what`s REALLY going on in India. Gonna start a lawsuit, as the meds from India did not work, and made me VERY sick. I have the list of nasty fillers & binders they use; if you are interested. Please beware of India. Please stay safe & healthy. :O)

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B Says:

not good....possibly tramadol mixed with zolpidem tartate (ambien), or if you really want to scare yourself a lot of people are starting to think Halidol might be in them and thats a really powerful anti psychotic with huge side effects.... please be careful I have these and there just terrible! but you want them I can tell you where....

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Mikie Says:

Definitely not alprazolam I had them tested. Plus it tasted like chalky and no familier alprazolam taste which I've been taking for 10 years+

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CJ Says:

I don't think they are real.

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Barbie Says:

So the ones from India are only filler???

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mary Says:

Hi i just received my 1mg xanax prescription - small white pill no markings..i feel a bit calmer..they came in a silver blister pack.

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Trust me Says:

There are lots of meds. Coming from India the round whites should be tranex, but just becouse there blister packs don't mean nothing. If they taste anything like chalk DO NOT TAKE THEM.

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