Alprazolam 2 Mg White Round

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I was thinking that i never heard of a round alprazolam cause i seen all kinds but that one is it as good as the bars or other alprazolam?

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it is available as a white, round tablet. The manufacturers can make a generic medication look however they want it to, since the shape and color means nothing.

As long as it has the same active ingredient it will work the same as any of the others.

Some markings on the white round tablets:

MYLAN A4 (2mgs)

027 R (0.25mgs)

MYLAN A (0.25mgs)

BP 633 (2mgs)

0.25 N 126 (0.25mgs)

Do any of these match the tablet you have?


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coco Says:

Kno a legit pharma I can get legit benzos frm?my guy
got busted so I'm dying offense to anyone I just need some where to order frm that wnt rob me blind! Thanx

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joe Says:

hi i received xanax 2mg generic they white and round but have no markings of any that ok?

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Minoguesque Says:

The only ones I know with the marking 'ALP' are the generic of that name by Hilton Pharma of Pakistan (very poor quality) which is round, and the bar shaped, with four SECTIONS, only three SCORES, brand name Alplax by Gador, SA, Argentina (about the finest you can possibly buy).
Once you try Alplax you will, I assure you, not want to change brands. They are superb.
There are, as Verwon, in his usual correctness, many round 2mg alps available, many more than his list. Try Chobet's generic, also from Argentina, and yet another from that alp heaven, the green oval 2mg by Denver Farma. All are equal or better than Xanax.
I'm afraid I don't rate Mylan's benzos; the only really good med I had by them were their fentanyl 75 reservoir patches. Better than D-Trans, since the fentanyl may be scraped out, dried & smoked, giving unbelievably good analgesia as well as a hefty dose of euphoria! I have grown so tolerant to oxycodone that my monthly script never lasts more than 2 wks, and still my doc will not accept I need an increase, or a break using, say, dipipanone or hydromorphone for a month out of every three or four. Meanwhile I'm forced to spend my disability benefit on illegally procuring effective pain relief, which isn't cheap and though my pain is less of an issue as a result, my standard of living, diet, social life etc all suffer. Damned opiophobic quacks.

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UFC Says:

Another site for the Gadors 1mg by Alplax or the 2mg bar from alplax has ALP in middle and is scored 4 times is out of Argentina.

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butter Says:

Pills shipped from over seas are usually cut down with other stuff I got these "2mg" ones for cheap. It honestly takes more than six to feel the same as one regular bar from nearby pharmacy. I even looked em up chewed them up tasted like sugar with a little alprazolam.barly taste it so be carefull

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Mel Says:

don't be too sure. India is allowed to use up to 60 % dangerous fillers & binders. made me very sick. a law firm just won a 500 million dollar lawsuit against "Danroxy" in India. There was GLASS in their pills! There is such a small amt of real medication in meds from India, that I actually started to go through withdraw while taking them. Had to stop; almost ended up in the hospital. ALSO: do NOT trust :Sandoz"!! They no longer manufacture alprazolam; they order it from "Sun Pharmaceuticals in India. Also made me very sick. Please beware of meds from India! Please be safe-please stay healthy. :O)

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freddie Says:

psicofarma 2 mg with white cross and logo on the side. Didn't seem to have he effect of other 2mg alp's. Unsure if these even had .5 alp in them. My last try. Anyone else have similiar problems?

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dave Says:

Which site, looking for Argentina manufactured?

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Chillen Says:

I used to get those, are they the 2mg 10 blister strips from india? They are just white with a slit one side hard, to come by but I Prefer them over bars. Do you know a Indian pharm that does them? Would save me a lot of digging and I'm genorise with mine.

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panchi Says:

There are other ways to deal with anxiety... the way of changing your bio-chemistry is a way to relieving anxiety... but it is a SHORT TERM one...

Do consider other non drug ways to manage anxiety...
anxiety is not a bad thing...(unless a serve medical condition)

Everyone feels anxiety and sometimes in some situations one must feel anxiety as it is a natural thing.

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light Says:

Hi, Im new here & was looking myself for the green ovals Im used to ...which I now learned here is the Argentinian Denver Farm Im assuming?! I break them into 6 pieces & it provides me with relief. I also know this is quite an old thread & Im not sure of how to contact people. Any help/info appreciated

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Bob Says:

I am trying to find a pharmacy that I can get the white bars i currently am geting the yellow ones but I would prefer the white bars so my question is do anyone kno a certain pharmacy where I can get my script filled and get the white 2 mg bars?thank you

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john Says:

I like to know what kind of pill a 300 xanax is?

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sassygurl Says:

Where r u from? In Manhattan i know several pharmacies that fill my prescriptions. They usually dispense white bars with G3722 .

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