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I have used Allegra D for many years when my allergies act up, but I have noticed that my body is not breaking down or digesting the tan side of the pill. To be exact the pill comes out just as it goes in (minus the white side). I have told my Dr. this but he has no idea why. When I use Allegra D it does seem to help the fluid build up in my ear, but I would like to know what part of the pill I am not getting and why?

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Hello, Stellie! How are you?

You are getting all of the medication. That part of the tablet is time released, so the outside doesn't dissolve, after the medication is released, it is just expelled as waste. It's designed this way so the white part of the tablet releases immediately with a dose of the medications in order to get faster control of your symptoms, then the rest is gradually released over time.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Thank you!! I am glad to know I am not wasting any!! And even happier to know there isn't anything wrong with me.

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Having the same problem. I took Allegra D for fluid build up in my ear. Works great! Take a white tablet and I am finding the whole white tablet in my stool? Maybe made in China "the tablet".

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