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what for the medicine is used?

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Indranil Bose Says:

I was having a burning sensation after urination for last few days which continues for a brief period. This is however intermittent and doesn't occur evertime i urinate. I was wondering if i can take alkasol for few days and if there is any side effects owing to the use of the same.

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Verwon Says:

this site is not medical professionals, so we cannot possibly advise on what medication would be proper to use, it really depends on your overall health, the condition in question and any other medications you may be on.

Have you consulted your doctor?

It is not marketed in the US, but in India and is listed as containing Sodium Citrate.

Does anyone have more information on this?

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Sukomal Banerjeevery Says:

very painfuii during urination, it not smooth, it clear drop by drop.
takes more time.
please help me

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Astabakra Says:

Take 2 spoon full of alkasol ( disodium hydrogen citrate) with a glass of water 3 times .

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rj Says:

Its painful during urination. Doctor prescribed me for Alkosol. Last n8 had meat. 2day since morning its paining during urination. Took alkosol with water. Any other remedy? Thanx in advance.

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lucy Says:

I get severe pain on my abdomen especialy after eating sweet things.Anything with sugar.And of late even sugarless food cause me i use Alka ur?

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